Endless 3 a.m.

Here we go again... tunneling down Nightmare Alley. Forbidden grounds lurking with a sense of confusion and a despairing want. Shadows patrolling the soul sucking darkness, slashing reaper in hand. Small glowing essences secretly hidden in the cracks and corners, intelligently inserting doses of light into the broken and scarred heart. This beaten organ is the last remaining source of life, engineered out of blood and held together by titanium stitches.

A sole hooded human resides in the shallows of this damaged town. A place she was exiled to many years ago and many years spent trying to escape. A close plan soon was mission accomplished, however, soon the shadows found her. Dragging the young misfit tooth and nail out of witness protection, she was once again their hostage. No 8x8 cell... no solid cold bars... no shackles needed to keep her confined, just an infinite permanent state of self doubt and insanity. This was a bounty put upon her mind since 1984. Implemented actions to begin in 1995. Once a young wildfire, now a somber flame sparingly using her supplied oxygen to keep her sparks flickering.

Countless luminous nights slaying her demons, only to find more with every breath of relief. A past she repeatedly buries like a broken record. A curable search of a pure love and everlasting happiness is the end mission, until then a befuddled contentment will suffice. This journey she'll continue in the dark with just the small glowing essences lighting the way. Some may need a side kick, but this hooded chick fights solo.

11 to life she has found confusing contentment with, it's the endless 3 a.m. monster that's feared.




Published by Derra Sabo

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