Evil vs. Evil

Suicide Squad.. who else is stoked for this film to be in theaters worldwide? I must confess that as much as I nerd out with every DC Comic or Marvel movie that comes out, I am absolutely in love with the twist of evil vs. evil. Per usual, movies featuring a superhero have the same bases where the good is out to defeat the evil and you can't deny that this timeless story plot is classic. Who doesn't love a action packed hero vs. villain.

A few months ago an enjoyable spin occurred where it was good vs. good, Batman vs. Superman. And now, as summer is mid way of coming to a temporary close, DC Comics brings us a summer blockbuster busting at the seems with our favorite villains brought to life by an amazing cast.

A team put together, consisting of pure bad, to have one last chance at portraying humanity and save the world. There's something poetic in that statement, pay close enough attention and you'll notice an actual life lesson. No matter how screwed up you may be or no matter how darkened your past, there's always a chance to be grabbed at to change your history. As long as your lungs are in taking oxygen, your life can change for the better, even in one single action. I think that if I ever was to be in a blockbuster movie, it'd definitely be Suicide Squad, I can't resist a good sinister story.

"All my friends are Heathens, take it slow. Wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't make any sudden moves. You don't the half of the abused..." -Twenty One Pilots


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