Holiday/ Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Holiday/ Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Happy 240th Birthday America!! Wow, it's been quite a journey thus far and may I say that you're lookin' beautiful good ol' USA.

This amberous country was born on a foundation of freedom and equality. A place where "We the people" transfers to protecting not just our country, what it stands for, but also one another. On the fourth of every July, red, white and blue citizens come together to recognize the remembrance of what those glorious stars and stripes represent. Connecting hearts send out beats to every brave man/ woman who place sacrifices on their own lives to serve and protect. Upon this day, we also salute our past generals and presidents for their fought efforts that maintain the freedoms of every green land and blue ocean.

Parades celebrating across all 50 and spectacular fireworks exploding across the black canvas. This day has many festivities that range from BBQ's with friends and family in neighboring backyards or endless beaches. Sun imploded skies emulsifying into the perfect atmosphere.

With all of the darkened headlines printed on giant newspapers and cringing "breaking news" clips on our luminous flat screens, it's about time we pull out our flashlights to shine a little more light. Reveal the beauty and bury the gruesome. Independence doesn't disappear into nothingness at the stroke of midnight. Independence is everlasting.


Published by Derra Sabo

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