I Love....

I Love....

Are you noticing what's happening these days.... what's been happening for quite some time actually?

An extremely powerful four lettered word that once held high regard for a sole purpose of expressing one's deep affections for another has lost a large percentage of it's potency. Love... once upon generations ago this tiny word packed the ultimate punch. These days, sadly and regrettably this tiny solider is now used to describe the affections someone has towards food, fashion and cat memes. Today's society has turned a sacred word and glitterized it with sparkly slang. We "love" everything and I mean everything.

Omg!! I love those shoes!

I love your new hair color and style.

Didn't you just love that movie!?!

I am absolutely in love with this double bacon cheeseburger!

See what I mean. Don't fret, I'm not removing myself from the "I love" club for I am guilty of all charges, especially that last statement. ;) With that being said, I feel a sense of responsibility for lowering the bar on the true meaning of what it is to Love. This epidemic just grows worse with every passing generation. If you ask me, I think the lack of love in this world is somewhat attributed to the tarnishing of it's actuality. Twisted has become the value of this tiny soldier. It continues to fight on and we continue to shoot. I fear that one day, all of our bullets will drain every pure aspect of love and soon it will diminish into nothing, but an empty gesture. When I express that I love something, I try to type the slang version. "Luv" is what I try to tweet, post and verbally communicate the plastic version. In doing this I am able to differentiate between the two. I luv materialistics. I love my family and friends. I do in fact slip up and mistakenly type the wrong version from time to time, I'm flawed. It happens, but I never slip when it comes to how I verbally or emotionally express.

If you love something then luv it. Save the "I Love" for it's proper place.



Published by Derra Sabo

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