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Hello there!
It's been quite a long time since I updated my blog over here and I want to apologise for being mia recently. However, I'm back and full of new stuff so I'll keep you guys updated!
This post, on the other hand, was created a couple of months ago but my love for it is still as big. C'mon..who doesn't like stockings and short skirts? I mean, it's always a good idea. 
(I cannot lie however that without some shorts underneath it can be quite uncomfy especially in the spring/ early summer period when wind is something pretty normal. So, if you try this look out make sure to put some black shorts for the sake of your confidence!)
All in all, this outfit contains everything- a bit of spark given by this cute reddish blouse, some additional colour with the skirt which becomes the center of the look and black stockings with some dr.martens. Simple yet eyecatching!
What do you guys think of this look? 
Make sure to check my blog for the full post and comment what is your favourite outfit style for the early summer!
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