Walks and wonders

Walks and wonders

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all doing well! 
School has been an interesting experience so far- I'm usually in a mood that is something between wanting to sleep forever and extremely happy... Anyways, the bad news is that I hardly find the time to update my blog and work on my videos but hey,  Christmas is coming so happily I'll cope with everything I've missed then. I took this outfit while going for an afternoon walk with my boyfriend and I honestly felt hella cute in it. It's girly and yet casual and not overdone, and in my favourite colours (dark lol). I did try to make it more interesting than just that, which is why I added a shirt under my blouse and the collar is so so lovely! For some extra colour I used my red velvet bag, that I trifted a couple of weeks ago and it really gives me the feels! It's so pretty as if it went out of a movie. Last but not least, as it was a walk-appropriate outfit I went for something comfy- my favourite black boots. (BTW! I went Christmas shopping today and I bought super cute christmas hats! )

P.S Are you guys ready for Christmas? I've been on the go to find my boyfriend a nice gift but I haven't found anything good enough yet*. I have some DIYs in mind but I also wish I could get him something else as well. If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments bellow, I will be forever thankful!
*And the reason for that is because we spent months gifting each other tiny cute things every week that passed so I practically used all my ideas back then. :(

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Have a lovely day! 


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