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I had written this poem in a moment of desperation and reflection. I hope you will let me know what you thought of this.



Ghosts of million memories

 Linger in my periphery 

Nighmares of pain and death 

Await with eagerness 

Tears of pain 

Shed from my tired eyes 

Empty mind crowds 

With unpleasant doubts and thoughts 

Silences within silences 

Resonate within the four walls 

Lonely hours fade away 

In the tick tock of the insistent clock

World continues to spin 

The people continue to live 

I’m swinging currently 

Between living and surviving 

Good hours, bad days 

Leave their mark on me 

Drowning, struggling, barely floating 

In the tide of routine 

And memory 

Of moments that once were mine 

To live and be free

Are now caged in my mind

Forever replaying, replaying 

I’m lost, so lost

In the chaos of everyday 

I try to make sense 

But this world is drowning 

In loneliness and sadness 

Maybe someday, I’ll break free

From the living ghosts that walk with me

I’ll roam the happy roads

And fly in the sky that colours grey and blue. 

Until then, I’ll live 

In this play of light, shadows and dark

That plagues us 

Like our colourful past.


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Published by Devika Todi


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