Lovely Chaos

Lovely Chaos

Aug 12, 2016, 2:29:54 AM Creative

This is a poem that I hold close to my heart. It talks about the various things that make life both, beautiful and chaotic. Read and enjoy!


How can I untangle these thoughts of mine?
A beautiful mess
A lovely chaos

How can I make sense of these confusions?
Seamless thoughts
Imagined reality

How do I differentiate fantasy from memories?
Desired outcomes
Unsatisfied wishes

How do I decide the course of action?
Dreadful decisions
Fearful confrontations

How do I choose between perfect alternatives?
Scary what ifs
Uncertain future

How can I do so much at once?
Different priorities
Urgent needs

How do I do it all?
How do I do it right?



hey guys! I am a new blogger here and would appreciate feedback of all kinds. 

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Published by Devika Todi

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