Aug 24, 2016, 7:32:05 PM Creative

Of storms that wreck havoc in the world and mind.


Cold shivers travel down my spine

Blue fingers wrap around cold shoulders

Darkness engulfs my sight

Tears of pain escape from my eyes

Tendrils of pain reach out to me

Stretching over my body

The loss, the pain, crowd my mind

Burning me from the inside 

Screams, shrieks and words escape 

Incoherent from my lips

Pain strikes me, again and again 

I’m lost, I’m lost, I’m lost 

Thunder roars in grey clouds

Rain falls and falls and falls

Lightning shrieks and brightens the sky

Everyone feels the loss

Trees bend and break from the pain

Winds blow with all their force

Chaos spreads all around 

The world, experiencing a burn so cold.

I remember those days, those thoughts, those feelings 

Better than my previous breath

I feel them flowing in my veins

Like blood itself 

Cold cold this burn is cold

Most dangerous of its kind

A storm brews

In the depths of my tortured mind.

I relive those days

In dreams dark and inky blue

I wake up exhausted, tired

Eyes crying and pain escaping in soft sighs.

I walk around, roam this grey world

Getting lost, so lost, so lost 

Hours and days pass by

Past sticks to my side

The Dark whispers in my ears

Sitting heavy on my tiny shoulders

I don’t know what I’m doing 

I don’t know 

I don’t. 


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Published by Devika Todi


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