9 Easy Interior Decoration Ideas to Make your Rental Feel Like Home

9 Easy Interior Decoration Ideas to Make your Rental Feel Like Home

Oct 13, 2017, 2:59:57 PM Life and Styles

Your rental apartment isn’t a temporary place to store your belongings or sleep, it is your home. A renter cannot make drastic changes, which means that you can’t weave your own personal style in every corner of your home. You cannot replace the flooring, paint each wall with different colors or tear down the walls. So, what you can do to make your apartment look beautiful?

To add some flair in your living space, here are some tips for decorating apartments for rent without losing your security deposit:

  1. Swap out Ugly Lighting Fixtures: Beautiful fixtures can also make a big design statement; however, there are chances that your rental apartment comes with most of the outdated ceiling lights. Replacing a lighting fixture is one of the easiest DIY projects that anyone can undertake. You must contact your landlord, get his/her approval and shop for some of the lighting fixtures as per your taste. Remember to store the original lights carefully and swap them back when you move out.
  2. Hang Some Colorful Curtains to Add Interest: Landlords don’t really allow making holes in the walls or painting the walls with bright colors. But, there is no need to worry as there is some great alternative for you and your landlord. You can strengthen your space by hanging some of the colorful curtains. A ceiling to floor drape will be a good option, if you want an accentuated wall.
  3. Install Temporary Wallpaper to Liven up Your Walls: If you are looking to liven up your walls and willing to take a bold move, then you can use removable wallpaper to create an accent wall. Unlike paint, removable wallpaper is easy to install and is easily accessible in a diversity of patterns. This can add instant visual interest to your apartment. And you need not worry about the repair fee, as removable wallpaper doesn’t damage your walls when you peel it off. Besides, you can even reuse it multiple times without losing consistency.
  4. Try Stenciling a Wall if Your Landlord Allows: While most of the landlords don’t like tenants painting the entire rental apartment, they are usually cool with some small painting projects, like a wall stencil. Since your landlord may ask to paint it back, it’s intelligent to paint only a small part of the wall. Also, to make your job of repairing more easier, don’t forget to ask your landlord for the brand and name of the original paint color.
  5. Transform Ordinary Walls into an Art Gallery: Another easy and inexpensive way to personalize your rental apartment is to use your blank wall as an art gallery. You can hang some framed artwork or simply create a memory wall with a postcard collage or photo, which will make your rental feel more like home. Both you and your guests can enjoy those gold memories.
  6. Lay an Area Rug to Cover Your Ugly Floors: Not every renter is lucky to find a place with lovely hardwood floors. If you fall in the category of ‘having wall-to-wall carpet flooring’ then don’t get frustrated. You must possess a stylish area rug to layer over the ugly floors. You might be concerned about that a rug on wall-to-wall carpet can make your room look very bulky but a bold area rug will not only cover up your imperfect floors but also bring a pop of color into your apartment, sprucing it up to your lifestyle.
  7. Customize Your Cabinetry with Cute Knobs: Though as a renter, we have no right to select the look of cabinetry, there are options to personalize it. You can make a small change, such as changing out the boring handles with the cute knobs.
  8. Use Your Bed as a Focal Point: Your bed is far more than just for sleeping. It is the focal point of your room, especially when you are renting a room or a studio in a shared house. One the simplest and fastest ways to decorate a bed is to add a bed frame or a headboard. In addition, you can use bright-colored bedding to let your bed stand out; however, this doesn’t mean that your bedding has to look dramatic all the time. Sometimes, a comforter and a simple white sheet with some vibrant accent pillows can also make a bedroom look homier.
  9. Bring Life into Your Rental: You can make your rental apartment more attractive by adding some living elements to it. This may include fresh plants and fishes. Fresh plants not only add natural textures to your space, but also help in improving the quality of the air. Have space issues? No problem. You can also hang small, low-maintenance plants on the bedside or through your living room wall. For the fishes, a small aquarium with 2-4 small fishes can do wonders to your space. 

End Words

The above mentioned simple and inexpensive decorating tips can make your rental feel homier without annoying your landlord or your security deposit!

Published by Devjeet Singh

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