Improve Website Ranking and Present Your Finding with SEO Report

Improve Website Ranking and Present Your Finding with SEO Report

Jan 17, 2020, 4:48:12 PM Business

Use SEO reports to Improve Ranking.

SEO reports are normally run for each client once per month, and they show the client's website's search engine rank. If you're on page one for your favorite search term, this report will show you your current standing. You could be on page one or page ten in each search engine at any time, and you want to make sure your website's rank is always improving, at least generally. This is why it is absolutely imperative that your SEO firm provide ranking reports that compare the current month ranks to the prior months' ranks. If your website moved up 20 places in Google, your report should show this very plainly. If your rank drops for a search term, it needs to be reflected in the report.

Quality SEO companies don't hide this information from their clients because it's useful for improvement. Since Google keeps on changing its algorithms very frequently, so moving your website to a higher rank is quite difficult. (Google changed its algorithm over 400 times last year - that's more than once every single day!). If your website drops in rank at any time, it's because the optimization for that particular keyword has fallen short of other websites' monthly SEO improvements


Present your finding in an engaging way 

When it comes to present your finding while doing SEO on a project, it can be tough to showcase the best and most relevant information that your client actually want to see. Apparently, you want to show your clients what you are doing and getting positive results for their business. Regardless of the type of business, you need to create a straightforward, concise, and expressive SEO reports to remind your client that they are investing in SEO for their betterment. Here is how you can improve your SEO report and present your finding in the best way possible:

  • Determine your objective

The first and foremost thing to do while making an SEO report is to determine what you want to achieve. Make sure to portray your current SEO goal clearly and precisely to your client. For instance, if your goal is to increase their keyword ranking or overall search visibility of the website, then you must explain to them how it will impact their business. 

  • Make an outline of the procedure

Secondly, it is time to show off what you have done so far to achieve the desired results. You must create a detailed report on how you worked on the site and what changes you have done that helped to get more traffic and increase sales. So, you must outline the tasks that you need to present to your client. Make your reports so precise and elaborative that your client thinks that their investments are paying off and you are doing a great job.

  • Record your observation

The observation slide of your report is made to showcase your client the actual links you have generated, the traffic they are getting and search visibility of their site. Show your client the following results in detail:

  • Page optimization

  • Keyword performance

  • Organic and inbound traffic

  • Site crawl

  • Link generation

  • Draw a conclusion

Once you have laid out what you are working on and how it is impacting their website, you can give a little detail about what they can expect next from you. For instance, if you are planning to work on-page optimization or link-building opportunities, then you can give a short conclusion in the end about it. Lastly, make sure your report is easy to comprehend, attractive, elaborative, and concise at the same time. Your SEO report must give your client a clear picture of the work done and how it is affecting their website. 


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