Is your nose running a marathon this year? Try These Remedies!

Is your nose running a marathon this year? Try These Remedies!

Aug 17, 2018, 11:01:45 PM Business

There are a common quote and the best fit for the complication of the lives we are facing right now!

Life can make you do many things, Even Kiss A Man With Runny Nose’

 Having Goosebumps by thinking about the vulgarity? Joke Apart! But this is exactly true and we start thinking what if we are made to do this?

Nasal discharge is not only gross to the person seeing it, but it also has problems for the sufferer. A sudden change in temperature can cause cold and bring together nasal problems like a runny nose, blocked nostrils and difficulty in breathing. Many other reasons called allergies are also associated with it which are caused by several allergens such as the drinking water or facing air conditioner directly after coming from the hot sun, rain wetting, pollution, etc.

Ayurvedic natural home remedies are recommended as the most advanced and effective runny nose treatment due to the lack of any long-lasting allopathic treatment. Let’s find out what can help you in the go.

  • Vitamin C deficiencies often cause cold problem so take a good amount of vitamin c in your meals. Oranges, Gooseberries (Amla), Sweet lime (Mosambi), Grapes, Guava (Amrud) are good source Vitamin C and easily available.
  • Halva of hot gram flour helps in controlling runny nose instantly. Roast gram flour with Ghee until light brown then add water and sugar.
  • Eating pea size onion or sucking a piece of clove called laung helps to get instant relief.
  • Inhaling the fumes of ragi mixed with turmeric powder sprinkled on the burning coal cures blocked nose or cold.
  • Flames only of turmeric powder sprinkled on the burning coal helps equally.
  • Drinking boiled milk with long pepper called pipple with added Sugar candy or Mishri cure running nose.
  • An apple a day keeps a doctor away! True, even in the case of runny nose or cold.
  • Mix dry ginger powder (Saunth) with old jaggery (Gur), Take twice a day.
  • Boil milk and add black pepper (Kali mirch), basil (Tulsi) leaves, cloves (Laung), red sugar candy (Mishri) or Jaggery. It is very useful in cold.
  • Put drops of Fresh Neem leaves in the nostrils cures and get rid of cold immediately.
  • Steam of Eucalyptus oil drops also helpful.
  • Rubbing salt on body while taking bath helps in cold.
  • During winter eat sesame seeds (Til) roasted with ghee.
  • Mix black pepper powder, ginger juice and Basil juice and take thrice a day.
  • Tea with mint (Pudina) leaves or with ginger or with basil leaves.
  • Boil figs (Anjeer) in water and tale twice a day in small amounts.
  • Having garlic in any form helps in curing running nose, sneeze or cold.
  • Betel leaf with a clove can be taken
  • Boil Aniseeds (Sauf) and Cloves in water for 10 minutes add sugar and filter.
  • Drinking this hot mix-up helps to cure runny nose.
  • Hot water, lemon juice and honey is the great mixture to overcome running nose.
  • Smelling Asafetida (Hing) helps to stop runny nose.
  • Eating roasted onion filled with turmeric powder before going to bed can help. Avoid water after it.
  • Apply castor oil or Erand ka teil on the centre of the head if the problem is severed.

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