The 5 Best Ranked 2 Post Car Lifts for Your Garage

The 5 Best Ranked 2 Post Car Lifts for Your Garage

Mar 23, 2018, 5:19:04 AM Business

What is the most crucial product of the automotive service industry? Before going ahead, let’s state that the staff and quality of service do not count as products. Still wondering? Well, a car lift is the most essential product required for any auto service facility. Considering the fact that the automotive service industry is booming at an exponential rate, it is important to manage the servicing of vehicles at a speedy rate and ensuring that all the issues are addressed. This cannot be done until the vehicle is lifted using a car lift.

While there are several types of car lifts, 2 post car lifts are the most widely used ones. As the name suggests, this type of car lift is supported by two pillars, which in turn lift a car at a certain height to offer an unobstructed access to the vehicle. Here we take a look at five of the best 2 post car lifts for your garage.

The cheapest of the lot, this is the most practical 2 post clear floor - Asymmetric car lift. If you need a 7000 lb capacity car lift, why pay more when you can get this? Driven by a chain, the Tuxedo TP7KAC is powered by dual cylinders and an electric override automatic safety shut off. This offers a combo of basic usability and safety for engineers. What’s more, a powder-coated paint finish ensures that the look and feel of the product defies its cost!

One of the best value for money 2 post floor plate in the 9000 lb capacity segment is the Triumph - NT-9. This one comes with more features than any other car lift in the same price bracket and weight capacity. The lift’s three stage front arms provide an increase reach to lift a wide variety of vehicles from hatchbacks to crossovers. It also has a standard power unit and floor mounting hardware that takes the lift time to a minimal 40 seconds!

The D-10/ACX is the best in class 2 post lift for vehicles with ample width and a higher base clearance. Formerly known as the Brigadier 10ACX, this one is Dannmar’s best-selling product. The rotating angle of the 2 posts at 30 degrees further enables you to open the doors of the car even while it is lifted in air. This versatile and feature loaded car lift is an asset in any service facility it is installed.

With an overall height of 151”, a maximum lift height of 73” and width of 108”, the Launch TLT240SC-R offers amazing space in the 9000 lb capacity segment. There are also several other features like rubber door guards, hose guards, dual point lock release and 3 stage front arms which make this one of the best in its segment.

This 11,000 lb capacity 2 post bi-symmetric car lift is the most useful and versatile lifts you can have in your garage. Three stage front arms along with bi-symmetric customizable arms, the Tuxedo TP11KC-DX allows you to lift all types of vehicles in its weight category. What’s more, rubber door guards, spin up pads and stackable truck adapters make this one of the must haves for any service facility!

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