The Perfect Guide to Buy a Refurbished Phone

The Perfect Guide to Buy a Refurbished Phone

Nov 3, 2017, 4:01:22 PM Tech and Science

Everyone wants a high-end phone, but the problem is that forcing yourself to actually pay the high prices is not easy. Some people are happy to pay the retail price, while others look for a better deal and one of the best ways to find discounts is to look for refurbished phones.

Refurbished phones are pre-owned devices that are sold back to manufacturers or retailers for being no longer needed. The manufacturer inspects the product to meet their original specifications and refurbish it for any problems or defects.

People prefer purchasing these refurbished phones to save money. Another advantage of opting in for a refurbished phone is the additional warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Before starting the refurbished phone buying process, it is important to know the types of refurbished phones available:

  • Factory – This type of mobile phones are refurbished by the manufacturer. This is most preferred refurbished phone that provides warranty and this covers up the repair and replacement if required. This is the most expensive refurbished phone.
  • Standard – This type of refurbished mobiles are moderately expensive, as these are refurbished by the service provider.
  • Reseller – These mobile phones are either prepared by business associates or the previous owner. This is relatively inexpensive because they don’t provide any warranty.

Let’s now glance through the points to consider:

  • Factory Settings: Wherever you are on an outlook for refurbished phones, never forget to make sure that there is no mark of the previous owner of the device. The memory of the device should be wiped off or in other words the device should be fresh, so that you can set your phone as per your preference. If you find any information stored in the phone, it would mean that the phone is not refurbished and it’s not safe to buy it.
  • Warranty and Return Policy: Most of the well-known refurbished companies offer warranty and return policy. So, if the refurbished phone does not include any warranty, then think it twice before purchasing it. However it is important to know that this warranty and return policy isn’t the same as provided by the original manufacturing companies.
  • ESN Number: Every phone has an ESN (Electronic Serial Number) Number under its battery. This is a unique number for each mobile phone, using which the manufacturer can provide the details of the previous ownership. You can identify everything about the phone with the help of this number.
  • Price: Most people purchase refurbished phone due to its low price. Never buy any refurbished phone at the same price of the new phone. On the other hand, very low price may indicate that the phone do not work and function properly. So make your choices aptly.
  • Locked or Unlocked: If your phone is locked, then it will accept only a particular network provider and if it is unlocked, then it will work with any service provider. So, before purchasing a refurbished phone, be assured from the network provider that there will no problems to activate the phone after purchasing because as many phones do not support with the network service from certain networks. Also, make sure to check the network lock point.
  • Reputed Brand and Accessories: Always purchase a refurbished phone from a well-known manufacturer. Check all the necessary accessories, like battery charger, charging ports, etc. The wrong accessory could result in permanent damage.
  • Details on Restoration and Refurbishing Process: Check whether the phone was refurbished due to the software problems or due to physical problems, such as any damage on the screen. So, you must be careful about this. You must know exactly what has been repaired or restored that helps you to buy refurbished phone.

End Words

Refurbished iPhones or Android phones are tested for functionality and defects. Buying the refurbished phone is a good deal because of many positive points like low-price, ready availability, etc. however, a refurbished phone sale would only be satisfying when you buy it from the best rated retailer. 

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