How to Size a puppy Custom Dog Collars

How to Size a puppy Custom Dog Collars

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How to Size a puppy Collar

Before you begin looking for Custom Dog Collars, it is important to know what size your dog's neck is. A poorly fitting collar can lead to your dog getting off-leash, which may be very dangerous in case you are definitely not home or in a crowded or unfamiliar situation.

The wrong size collar can also reduce the effectiveness of your training efforts. Certain collars designed to stop pulling and present you more control are basically useless if they don’t fit right.

You may see collars labeled as a small, medium, large, etc, but each brand will have a different measurement for every one of those terms. So don’t rely solely on these vague sizing labels. Measure your pet’s neck and look at the size of the collar in inches to see if it'll fit your dog.

Some collars are labeled based on the length of the collar instead of the neck size that the collar is suited for. So a collar labeled 14” might only fit a dog with a 10-12” neck size. Don’t just go through the main label on the tag, go through the actual measurements.

Most collars are adjustable, so the measurements will be a range of the smallest to largest size the collar can be fitted to. This range allows you to buy a collar that can grow or shrink a bit together with your dog.

This is great for growing puppies, dogs that are losing weight, and dogs with thick double coats that lose a layer of fur each season. This can save you money in the long run if your dog is still growing.

Tips for Measuring Your Dog’s Neck

Knowing how to properly measure your dog’s neck will help you find the best dog collar because of their needs and activities. You can find 2 simple ways to measure your dog’s neck:

Flexible or Fabric Measuring Tape

A string and a ruler

The easiest way to measure your dog's neck size is with a flexible measuring tape. Wrap the tape around your dog’s neckwear the collar will sit. You need it to rest against his neck, however, not tightly.

If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, then a string and calculating tape or ruler works in a pinch. Wrap the string around your dog’s neck, just as you would a flexible measuring tape, then measure the length of the string having a ruler.

To make sure you have an accurate measurement, here are a few best practices to follow when measuring your dog’s neck:

1 . Measure Twice

There’s a sm the rt saying when it comes to any kind of handi-work - measure twice, cut once. This rule can be applied to your dog’s measure ments as well. Take the measurements twice. In the event that you get different measurements, then you definitely should take them again to obtain probably the most accurate one.

2 . The Two Finger Rule

When you put your dog's collar on, you should be in a position to fit two fingers underneath, between your dog's body and the collar. Utilize this method when taking measurements. Contain the measuring tape or string round the neck with one hand and slide two fingers underneath, flat against your dog’s throat.

The measuring tape or string should not feel tight against your fingers. If they do, then loosen the measuring tool a little bit until it’s gently pressing against your fingers. This will add anywhere from ½ inch to 2 inches to your initial measurement.

3. Measure Where the Collar Will Sit

Not all collars are the same. Depending on the purpose and type of collar, it may be made to sit at certain posit ions on your own dog’s neck.

Most standard collars sit in the lower part of the neck, near the base, just before the neck starts to widen, but others like the collar part of a face harness, or show leads are meant to sit up behind the ears on the upper section of the neck.

Alternatively, a collar that is designed to slide over the head, like a martingale, will have to either be wide enough when it’s loose to debate the widest portion of the head or will need to be adjustable so that it could be loosened to eliminate it.

Measuring all three elements of their neck/head will make sure you have the right measurements to find the correct size for any collar. Here’s a basic diagram of the measurements you can take from your dog.

The Best Dog Collars You Can Customize & Personalize IT IS POSSIBLE TO Buy Online

When looking for dog collars you can customize & personalize, it’s essential to pay attention to the fit, style, and color of the collar. That is based not only on the size of your dog for what is most comfortable but also on the personal preference for what it appears like on your dog.

For fit, you should be able to suit two fingers underneath the dog collar to ensure it is not too tight. There are many different types of dog collars, so be sure to look closely at each one to find the right one for you perthereforenally and your pup.

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