How to buy abstract artworks online?

How to buy abstract artworks online?

Feb 2, 2022, 6:55:07 AM Life and Styles

GART is a unique platform that brings together artists, galleries, collectors and art lovers. Our main goal is not only to create comfortable conditions so that everyone can buy art works quickly and easily. There is a deeper essence of our project: it is a desire to acquaint society with contemporary artists of Eastern Europe and their works. We want to destroy the stereotype that worthy creations and a variety of stylistic trends in painting are represented exclusively in Western Europe, the USA and Asia. After all, talented authors also live and produce their paintings in Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Montenegro and the Czech Republic. Their singular contemporary painting delights and inspires.

What about abstract paintings?

Abstractfine art as an independent art form has existed for more than a hundred years. During this long time, artists have experimented with it a lot! Abstract artworks artists have started from Kandinsky's geometric universe dance, from Malevich's "Black Square" and developed new trends over decades: expressionism, Tashism, op-art, minimalism, abstract graffiti, parametricism... All kinds of materials are used today to create abstract works - from the classic canvas oil painting to the trendy resin art. Many new discoveries are ahead of us.

What will abstract art be like a hundred years from now?

The first viewers of abstract artwork wereshocked. They did not understand art that tells nothing, but instead breaks down physical matter and weaves rays of light together. But it turned out that abstract artwork can tell a lot to the viewer who is willing to work with the artist to understand the work. There is a special pleasure in it - to let your fantasy fly free, to be free to fly between coloured stains and lines, to feel their pulsating rhythm. Perhaps this is why many people love abstract art and willingly buy abstract art for collections and just to decorate their interiors.

What can you find on abstract artworks catalogue

Of course, only the well-to-do can afford to buy vintage abstract art today, because artworks that once seemed to be nonsense (famous gallery owner Peggy Guggenheim had a hard time selling Pollock's work!) are now part of the golden fund and are worth millions. But contemporary abstract art is a huge world of new names and new subjects, where an exciting adventure awaits the buyer.

Huge amoung of artworks

G.ART has already gathered an impressive collection of modern abstract art paintings from the best Eastern European artists. They are masters of different ages, different schools, national cultures and attitudes. But they are all in love with the non-figurative and share their love for it.

What abstract painters' artworks from Eastern Europe can i buy?

For example, Ganna Kryvolap (Ukraine) conveys in her works the solemnity of Ukrainian church mosaics, associated with the art of Byzantium. Margarita Kerimova-Sokolova (Azerbaijan) creates bright geometric abstractions in which music sounds. Mirjana Marsenic Vujovic (Montenegro) attracts the viewer to a beautiful green forest full of the scents of water and mosses. Ilgvars Zalāns (Latvia), a keen traveller, accumulates the beauty of the planet. The collection grows because this field of art is endless.

What can i choose on Gart gallery?

G.ART offers quality original artworks art for sale in all techniques, from large-scale oil paintings to small and inexpensive abstract drawings and photographs. Our customers can get professional advice from a designer, including the choice of colour palette. Non-figurative art fits into almost any interior, from traditional to ultra-modern, from small spaces to large open spaces. Well-chosen work is a highlight of colour and meaning, attracts attention and creates a mood. There is no doubt that abstract fine art is the future with its new technologies, ideas and interiors.

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