Enabling Inmates to Maintain Family Ties Through Technology

Enabling Inmates to Maintain Family Ties Through Technology

Mar 9, 2019, 6:34:33 PM Business

It is never easy for anyone to live a life of solitude. Even a person in normal circumstances will eventually give up, let alone the inmates who may think that they have nothing to look forward to. They are not just lonely, but also bear the burden of guilt from their crimes. More often than not, their family will either abandon them or give in to the complicated processes of visitations and communications. For Inmates, it is not just the prison hardships that they have to face, it is also the punishment of prolonged solitude.

Understanding their state of mind

The inmates who serve long sentences, usually lose all family ties. They do not really have many people to keep them motivated and hopeful about their future.

It is important that inmates are supported with a solid network of family and friends. With regular updates, letters, and support from family and friends outside, inmates can be inspired to change their ways and be better law-abiding citizens.

However, many people stop writing to their loved ones in prison because there is little time to sit and write a letter, print pictures, and the process is often emotionally and mentally exhausting. Unfortunately, this also affects the inmatesawaiting.

Their hope and aspiration to do better often stems from your letters and grows with your support. By not maintaining healthy communication with the outside world, their chances of a healthy life upon release is decreasing.

Technology bridging gaps

It is one thing to understand their pain and sympathize, but solving this problem was definitely the topic of the hour. Here, technology has proved to be a blessingFamily of inmates could stay in touch with them by the means of communication mediums like emails, messages, etc. through secured government approved channels. Though they were convenient, these channels were not completely problem-free. There was no privacy and guarantee that the message would reach the inmate in time.

But now this is changing with the rise of platforms that allow you to communicate with your incarcerated loved one in a much more private and convenient way.One such app that helps the families of the incarcerated to stay in touch with their loved ones is Inmate Compassion. Available for both Android and iOS users, this app is an affordable, easy, and efficient way to send postcards, letters, and personal pictures to an inmate, throughout the year.

What can you do on the app?

You can choose to write short notes on postcards and picture cards or send a heartfelt long picture letter. Upload images directly from your camera, phone’s gallery, or your social media gallery and send pictures to inmates – like your baby’s first step, your daughter’s graduation, holiday celebrations, or a special occasion that you wish they shared with you. You can write your message on the app or on the website. You can also send books and magazines from their store to keep inmates motivated.

What makes it unique?

Among the very few good options available, Inmate Compassion is the most comprehensive one. Also, it is very easy to use the app. You download the app and simply write your message, they print and deliver. Well, they are easy on the pocket too. The App also respects your privacy. Messages drafted on the platform or sent through it are not read or shared with any third party and are securely delivered to the designated facility. The products listed on the app are approved by many prison facilities and so, the delivery is guaranteed and timely, all through the year.

Another good thing is that, regardless of your race, ethnicity, gender, language, or community, the app library stocks multiple pre-designed templates for all of your special occasions, themes and holidays. They also provide some Spanish templates. Even better, you can make your message special as the app supports uploading of personal pictures from camera, phone and social media galleries. You can also change the font, color, background of the messages, and decorate your creation with adorable stickers.

All we have to say about Inmate Compassion is that it is not just an app, it is a ray of hope for the inmates. It is one outlet that connects families to their incarcerated loved ones and motivatesthem to get through the tough times. What do you think about the app? Share your thoughts with us.

Published by Dhiman Jyoti

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