An Interview with Kumar Gaurav, the author of “KAUN HAI WO MASHTISHKA HARTA”

About the author:  Kumar Gaurav,

An Interview with Kumar Gaurav, the author of “KAUN HAI WO MASHTISHKA HARTA”

Mar 31, 2017, 5:16:03 PM Entertainment

About the author:

Kumar Gaurav, born in Gaya Bihar and later brought in Pune, Maharashtra, is a Quality Assurance personnel in an IT company. A software professional by day and a writer by night, he has done his MBA in IT and has studied corporate law from a B-school. His writing experience developed after visiting various cities in Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Colombia, Capetown, Johannesburg, Sydney, and many more. He believed that he got direction in his life after associating with an NGO in Pune where he volunteers his weekends on a regular basis. His inclination towards ‘mind science’ and ‘brain power’ developed after getting associated with this NGO. This interest gave him the idea to create his first sci-fi book.

The very book is originally crafted in Hindi; and will be translated into English as, “Who hacked my brain” is his first novella.

Let us get to know the man himself:

1) The book is a “Self-Inspiration” story, what is self-inspiration according to you?
– For me, Self-inspiration is an inner power which keeps your spirit always high. This is self-commitment to do whatever you wish to do in your life despite all the odds. Self-inspiration gives two vital things. First, determination to achieve a dream and second, satisfaction after achieving. 
2) The book has an interesting mix of self-help and science fiction, what gave you the idea to write this story?
– This story is 10% of my life story,  rest 90% is all imagination. I always wanted to give this world something interesting through which each and everyone can think that they are really special. To make them think so, I decided to craft something interesting in the form of a story. On one hand, this story will engage the reader’s interest and on the other hand, he/she will contemplate making his/her life successful. Today for me, nothing is better than the mix of science and fiction. It changes readers’ thought pattern and transforms their thinking style. Thus, the story started living in my mind and today it is published. 
3) What is your definition of dreams and success?
– For me, dreams are the diamonds that not only dazzles but also excites you all the time. What inspires you every moment when these dreams are translated into reality,  i can say, is success. In other words, success is nothing when you complete your journey from your dream to make it your destination. 
4) How did you craft your characters? Are they inspired by you or the people around you?
– As I said earlier 10% of story is my life story, so the main character is inspired by it. Rest all characters are results of imagination only. So this is not inspired by any other people around me. 
5) Why should a reader want to read your book?
 First, this is a mystery book. And readers will be curious till the mystery revealed, make him/her bonded with the reading. Second, everyone wants to achieve something in their life, how the main character turns billionaire will inspire common people to ask “How it happened”. To know this reader would like to read this book at least once. This book satisfies many genres like Sci-Fi, Mystery, thriller, Romance, Self-Help etc. There is variety available in one package of this book for all above genre readers as well. They will be excited to read it.
6) The book is currently in Hindi, do you plan to release a translation of it?
– Yes, of course, my plan is to translate this to English very soon.
7) Any advice for writers who, like you, wish to tell unique stories but are afraid it might not be accepted?
– Yes, I would say to aspiring writers “if you are afraid of telling your unique story, do read my book and you will realize what the mistake you are doing and what actually you are losing”. This much suggestion is enough and if followed you will definitely see great stories coming soon from them. 
8) Are you a reader? If yes, who are your favourite authors?
– Yes , I am a reader. I am fond of self-help books majorly. In this category, I am inspired by two great authors who are my favourite too – 
                 1. SirShree 
                 2. Napolean Hill.
9) How can the readers get in touch with you?
– They can email me to my mail address

About the book:

Raj fails to understand, how his thoughts are getting hacked by someone? How he developed the power to sense the unforeseen criminal incidents whenever he’s with his beloved Suhana!

But that night something unbelievable happened to him, he uncovers the mystery but he loses his unique power.

That night something leads him to become a successful scientist, inventor and a famous author too.

Eventually, his book was filmed and bagged an Oscar too! He was a billionaire from a man next door!

To know more what unfolds, read it in Hindi..

Kaun Hai Wo Mastishk Harta aka Who Hacked My brain.

Published by Dhwani Swadia

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