An Interview with P. Goswami, the author of “The Seven Streams”

An Interview with P. Goswami, the author of “The Seven Streams”

1) Tell us something about yourself.
I am trained as a scientist with multi-disciplinary expertise. Currently I am Director, CSIR National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies for more details, please refer to my profile in the book.
2) In your words, how would you describe your book?
It is a book in the genre I call Mytho-Science Fiction. It describes a mythological/epic event as a project carried out through collaborations among gods, sages, kings and common people, mostly  applying available resources and wisdom.


3) What was your motivation to write a book on this genre?
Many of the mythological events in Indian epics look tantalizingly plausible, if the aura and the addition of  supernaturality is reduced. This book is an attempt in that direction.
4) Writing about such well known characters, some of whom are even worshiped, must have meant a lot of research. Can you tell us how you went about it?
It was basically a change of perspective, looking for plausible explanations other than purely super natural, and then work of imagination, consistency check and plausibility.
5) Your story focuses on Bhagirath’s journey to bring Gangaa to Earth, so how much of your plot line is based on the writings that are already existing, and how much of it was your own creation?
The basic theme, that Gangaa was brought to earth through Bhagirath Prayatna, with the blessings of Brahma and Shiva, remain unchanged. However, what was shown as a boon in the epic is a clever engineering plan in the book built on superior (godly) wisdom. What was a flash of anger that killed 60000 soldiers has a purely physical explanation in the book. The 600000 sons of Sagar themselves are shown as clones created in a physico-chemical process. Thus, apart from the basic story, there is no parallel to the book in existing literature.
6) How is writing a story based on Mythology different than writing any other genre?
It’s not only a story based on mythology, but a story of mytho-science fiction. That means that you need to keep two tracks consistent: one is that the basic story is mythology-based, it is not wild fiction. On the other hand, being a science fiction you cannot invoke just any magical power. Thus it is neither pure fantasy, nor pure science fiction based on some alien planet.
7) Any advice for writers who wish to tell unique stories but are afraid it might not be accepted?
Sure. Write!
8) Are you a reader? If yes, who are your favourite authors?
Yes, I am a reader. I read almost anything. Anything at all!
9) How can the readers get in touch with you?
I have created (or rather my publisher Blue Rose created) a web site for me.
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