Polite Pickup Lines in Indian Pubs: Book Review

Polite Pickup Lines in Indian Pubs: Book Review

Apr 11, 2017, 8:49:39 PM Entertainment

Author: Varun Mannava

Book Blurb:

There must be countless conversations in pubs that people would carry along with them to their grave because they never mustered the courage to speak. That one girl you saw, that one line you wanted to say but you couldn’t because you were shy or you had no clue how to start the conversation. That moment when you felt that the pub was not working in your favor. That moment when you thought of that one friend who could help you converse easily with the women you admired. Well your search for pub conversations ends here. Polite Pickup Lines in Indian Pubs: Scenario-based Conversations in Pubs aims to deliver the answers to all your questions about conversation starters, how to use the pub to your advantage, where to talk, where not to talk, how to talk, how not to talk, whom to talk, whom not to talk, why talk. This book helps you create scenarios where conversations are bound to happen.
It’s time to stir up this world!

My Review:

When I first saw this book, I was reminded of The Bro Code by Barney Stinson. But, after reading this book, I can say this one is way better than that one. I also found the cover of the book quite interesting.

The book is less of “Pickup lines” and more on how to behave in a non-pushy way in order to make friends, mostly of the opposite gender. While it is written predominantly for guys, I felt that the ideas could easily be picked up by girls wanting to talk to guys as well.

The author has keen observation skills, and he picks up the core area that many people lack i.e. how to strike up actual conversation and friendships with people of opposite gender.

If you think about all the things that the author has mentioned, it is actually common sense. But then, as the cliched saying goes, common sense is not common. Not to mention the horrible pick up lines and the start of a conversation with “Give me your phone number, please, please, please” even in a non-pub setting makes this book a requirement for anyone who wants to make genuine friendships with the people from opposite gender.

There are many topics, each topic is explained in a page or two. Overall, the writing style is quite upbeat and simple. The author gives examples of how to practice what he has written. It is also quite a short book, just about 100 pages.

Great effort. Kudos for handling this topic maturely!

I rate this book 4 out of 4

Published by Dhwani Swadia

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