Movie: Sausage Party

Movie: Sausage Party

Aug 24, 2016, 9:01:21 PM Entertainment

Sausage Party is now out in theaters! It was just released on August 12, 2016. I just watched the movie and it was pretty good. I would give it about a 7.5 out of 10, which is not so bad.

The film was definitely funny, but it wasn’t as funny as I thought it was actually going to be. However, it did have me laughing, along with everyone else in the theater. I really liked the fact that this was an animated film created just for adults. There are so many animated films out there for children and I think adults deserve some as well. Something about making an animated movie and then throwing in some comedy to go along with it that’s just for adults to enjoy, just makes it great. So I think the idea for this film was awesome.

If you plan on watching it, I’m just letting you know that it’s very raunchy. It does end with quite an orgy, which was hilarious.

I really liked the idea of making the food have feelings, talk, and be like people. It was funny and entertaining to watch. It was also funny to look around in the theater and see everyone watch this movie because we’re all adults. Here we are, watching an animated movie about food that can breathe and talk. It’s a funny thing.

I think one of my favorite characters in the movie was Teresa del Taco. So if you watch the movie, keep an eye out for this one. She’s a very funny taco shell. I think she made me laugh the most.

I do recommend people to go watch the movie because it’s worth watching, but if a theater near you has a discount day during the week, try going on that day. I went on a discount day. The theater I went to has a discount day every week and it always lands on a Tuesday. I only paid 5 dollars to watch it. It was worth the 5 bucks, but I can’t say it was worth more.

Go on and check it out!

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