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I am Dimitrios. I am born in 1987 and I come from the Greek island of Euboea. I remember a time, a very early time of mine, when, sitting by the rippling shore on my neighborhood's sandy beach, I was fancying the margin of the encompassing sea on the one side and the remote high mountains on the other as the end of the world. Since that time, an ardent flame of curiosity was burning lavishly within my soul, urging me to cross mountains and seas and find out what lies beyond the horizon. And so I soon did... By the age of ten I had already cycled over 20 km in every direction outside my hometown and had climbed a good deal of hill peaks around it. By now, soon to complete three decades of life, I have been in uncountable seas, mountains, deserts, jungles and every sort of sublime places our planet's surface has to exhibit, in more than a third of the world's countries. And still going...  

  Besides the physical world, my curiosity has also always been keen towards ideas and knowledge. Due to the one superficial fact I had to start working from an early age, but mainly, in its profound essence, due to the other fact I was bearing too free a spirit to be disciplined, I only finished primary and secondary school (the latter I was not really attending but I was given the certificate in favor... in favor of the teachers I mean, as having me there an extra year would be for them an extra year of nightmares). Despite that (but most probably due to that), I consider my education, which I acquired in an exclusively autodidactic fashion, to be quite broad and wholesome.

  As for the rest, I am a simple man. I was never fond of luxuries of any kind. I pretty much still have the same clothes I had since I grew to my current size. I much more enjoy cooking my own food than eating out at restaurants. I prefer having my drinks in a good company down at some beach or sitting on a bench at a public square, rather than any bar or club. I can sleep more comfortably on grass or raw rock than in any bed. I have, in certain different periods of my life, lived utterly penniless and I survived perfectly, thus I can never again feel stressed in the slightest degree about work and money. Though, one of my main plans for the near future is to get hold of some decent amount of money, so to spend them all climbing peaks in the Himalayas and go to expeditions in Antarctica and Greenland!

  I shall be here reposting articles from my own website, firstly focused mostly on travel and adventure, and later, intendedly, on a wide variety of subjects which interest me. 

I most sincerely hope you may like my posts!
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