I am always happy.

I am always happy.

Jun 30, 2016, 12:47:09 AM Viral

I saw the following written in a 6 year old boy in my class’s book:



It made me feel sad.

Then, yesterday I saw two couples in a coffee shop on a date. They were sitting silently. All on their phones.

It made me feel even more sad …and it made me think.

Maybe the obsession with social media and cellphones is directly connected to the pressure to be happy that is ingrained in us from childhood. It’s a form of escape. Escaping and connecting to a network of constructed “happy places” on Instagram is a way of avoiding confrontation.

Let’s look at the classic example. There are two couples on a date at two separate tables in front of me. Both of them ordered a latte each and a dessert to share and possibly romantically feed sweet spoonfuls to each other. This should be a romantic date, right?

I watch them as they settle in and quietly sip on their iced latte’s. 3…2..1..like clockwork the cellphones appear and the event is documented. The next twenty to thirty minutes is predictable. Just as the cheesecake reaches 50 instagram likes in the first 5 minutes, it’s selfie time. Three filtered images and a “so in love” caption later and there is silence again. It’s cellphone time. I can’t help wonder…why did they come here in the first place?

Being on your cellphone and escaping the moment means no confrontation. It means you can associate the moment that you’re currently in with the photo’s that you are looking at. You can remember this moment with the filtered selfie that got you your first “100 likes in 10 sec” and you don’t have to deal with the possibility that you might not have anything to say to each other if you had no distractions.

Every thumbs up or Instagram heart gives you that rush that you once felt when you first saw your lover. What if it isn’t there anymore? What if you put your phone down and you don’t feel anything? So, you keep scrolling even if your thumbs are hurting, cause it gives you the same euphoric feeling you “should be feeling” right now.


Maybe if we put the phone down more often we would have something real to post for once. Maybe if we put our phones down more often we will find what makes us forget about our phones. 

I am always happy. 

I am always happy.

I am always happy.

I am not always happy.

And it’s okay.

I don’t know, maybe I’m talking absolute bullshit or maybe you will give me my “first 100 likes in 10 sec” and supply me with my happy drug for the day. 

*To be continued.

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Jul 6, 2016, 10:19:12 AM

Couldn't agree more!

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