I used to HATE Mondays

I used to HATE Mondays

Last Sunday night I became a victim of (what I thought was a myth) the dreaded Sunday blues. And it’s not so much the Sunday evening that made me weary, but more the burden of Monday being the next day.

MONDAY IS COMING AND I CANT ESCAPE IT!!!! Do I have enough coffee? Did I make the most of the weekend? Did I plan ahead on Friday? Did I forget to do something? Will I fall asleep on my desk?

HOW will I make this fun?!

While searching for ways to overcome my fear of Mondays, I have made a list of what I found actually worked.

How to survive Mondays

1: Perspective

Is it all just an illusion? Are Mondays really that bad or are they just bad, because you think they should be? Change the way you think about Mondays. It’s so close to the weekend that it’s basically a reverse Friday. It’s a new day to reach some goals, which brings me to my second point.

2: Make a challenge board

There is nothing that motivates me more than a challenge. Make a list of things you want to accomplish this week. If you know you have something to get up for then Monday becomes an exciting opportunity. Make it personal. Make it crazy. Make it fun. Make it difficult. Whatever will get you out of bed.

3: Food

Whenever you need some motivation, food seems to always be there to help. Pack a few snacks and treat yourself to a nice lunch you can look forward to. You don’t want to be hangry on a Monday. Or ever, for that matter.

4: Small rewards

Plan exciting things to look forward to throughout the day and week. Even if it’s something simple like “Ice-cream Tuesdays” or “movie night Thursdays”. Don’t live for the weekend. Make every day fun and that way the weekends will come sooner anyway.

5: Sleep

Yes, I know. Sunday evening movie binges are fun and if you’ve hit the blues then I’m sure lying on the couch and cleaning out the fridge seems appealing, but put down those chips and go to bed. You want to start your Monday well rested.

6: Do something uplifting

Buy a stranger a coffee or bring cake to work. If you send some cheer around, it will reach you too:). Knowing that I’m about to surprise a colleague with a chocolate gives me that skip in my step that I need to cross the road to work.

7: Stop moaning

Yes, I know you didn’t want to get up this morning, but neither did I, so shut up and do your job. Spread positive energy. The more you moan about Monday, the more you will remind yourself and everyone around you that they should be grumpy, cause it’s Monday.

8: Appreciate

As cliché as it sounds and as irritating as it is to hear when you’re just not in

the mood for being chirpy, it’s true. You have to remind yourself that you are fortunate to have something to get up for every Monday. Be thankful, make it fun for yourself and enjoy it.


Have a happy, bright Monday. Blue is my favourite colour anyway.

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