The Pursuit Of Light


I greet the day with gratitude laced with longing.
This hunger animates my entire being,
Sharpening my senses, a new way of seeing.
The pursuit of Light is my soul’s calling.

I am a Light Huntress.

Chasing the Light through its transient forms –

the lenses are interchangeable but are one of the same.
This Light moves me, it breathes life into my bones and frame.
My life is a complex series of seeking of pleasure,
where rituals pull me out of the soft hold of my lover.

The moments I hold sacred and close to my heart
are the ceremonies I create with Light playing a vital part.
Light is limitless in the way it transforms me.
Each moment I witness it’s ability to transmute

the perception I hold of a shadow or disgust
into a piece so beautiful that it regains my trust.
My Light journey is not limited to art or movement.
Light is also growing in the crevices of my writing.

The Light has led me out of the portal of slumber,
an angelic hand that disintegrates the illusion of time.
But it has taught me to embrace the darkness in my sleep,
as the liberating force that releases the chains of my mind.

I greet the day as a Light Huntress.
I aim to create a life fueled by the pursuit of Light.
I offer my wounds as healing for others I meet on my quest.

As I shine love upon my worries, fears and pain,
I hope others find solace, comfort and inspiration as their own gain.
On this pursuit of Light I greet the day
with an open heart and and an open mind.

Published by Dion Garcia


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