Schooling for Future

Schooling for Future

Oct 8, 2016, 7:15:37 PM Viral


This is the narration about the children of Kadamdih village. This is a small village in Jharkhand, a forest state in India. It is a tribal village, lived by Santhal  families. The families largely depend on daily labour earnings .... both husband and wife in each family go out early in the morning to work as daily-wage worker. It is not every day that they are lucky to get jobs. Some get work in the house construction work going on in the distant town. Others get work in the farming field. Agriculture here is rain-fed, mono-crop, meaning about 3 months work available for these labourers.

But they want that their children get good education. Just like the city children.... English education. Swadhina, an NGO working in the area for women and children development has initiated a pre-primary learning centre..... justly named GOOD HOPE SCHOOL.

There are 30 children, that is the optimum intake in the small room they got, arranged by the villagers themselves.  All children are given nice school dresses, books, shoes, school bags and sweaters. Two city friends have come forward... one, a chartered accountant and the other an office executive who make a regular donation which is very helpful for the organisers to run this venture.

Most of the villages in this area have the same situation. They need good pre-primary education for their children so that they prepare for a decent journey towards future education, and, there is less school drop-out in the future.

They need support .  Contact e-mail address:  which is the e-mail of NAVA  - Networking Alliance for Voluntary Actions, a forum of NGOs.



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