This One for Your Baby !

This One for Your Baby !

Oct 3, 2016, 7:55:00 PM Viral

ABC : easy, fast & creative

It is indeed a bit pressing task to teach ABC to our children ! At times we ourselves lose heart and some times lose our patience. Here is something for easy and fun-filled way to teach ABC. It is a quick method and more over you yourself can fully participate much more creatively and actively in your baby's journey in learning alphabets.

Children love drawing  straight lines, and hence this method starts with learning simple letters, with straight lines.

Meaning we do not start with traditional A, B, C,. D. Instead we start with letters that are

  1. Similar looking
  2. Simple to follow for a baby
  3. Easier for baby to write.

We start with these letters:  I L F E T H

Also, we learn these Letters and learn Word-Making, using these 6 letters only, at the same time. This the children like very much, since they need not wait to start learning word-making till they finish learning all the letters from A to Z !

This is a very fast method, and, children will have a fun-n-learn mode. Any way the first lesson is only for 6 minutes ! Of course, it needs a little practice for your child, but they will love it. Try this by clicking below:

Published by Diptendu Mukerji

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