The unreported side of the migrant crisis and what is also forgotten by many of us.

The unreported side of the migrant crisis and what is also forgotten by many of us.

Aug 14, 2016, 3:36:04 PM News

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Refugees. I have to say that some people don’t understand the depth of poverty, desperation and hope that comes with. Some people just see them as a crowd who wants access into other countries. Mostly though, they’re seen as numbers and statistics. It is ironic how something represented by numbers can hold so much emotion.

Recently we see a lot less ‘refugee crisis’ on the news headlines. I feel like people are starting to dismiss the fact that the crisis still remains and that people are still in desperate conditions. Just because we don’t see them in the news as often, doesn’t mean we can forget that it is happening or that it is getting better. So many things happen in the world that the news doesn’t cover because not every case is reported or heard about. This doesn’t mean that they are not happening or that the world is a better place. People need to stop making their T.V screens (or social media via mobile phones) their screens into the real world. I find it worrying how this is the case for many individuals.

While I was browsing through the comment section of a YouTube video on refugees showing the violent clash between the migrants and police, I found myself reading insensitive comments of hate when expecting to read comments of sympathy and pity. This video explored the side of the crisis which wasn’t and still isn’t widely reported in the news. The side where the migrants attack police officers and take advantage of people who try to help them.

Firstly, I am not supporting any of the violence some migrants have inflicted on the police but I am also not supporting the automatic hate and the level of insensitivity all those living in peace are responding with. There are bad people in every group, community, religion and culture and in fact, there is even a bad side to every one of us. If someone was to hold everything you did -when driven by negativity- against you, especially when you were feeling helpless and discarded by the people who could help you, wouldn’t it be an injustice? You would feel unfairly judged.

We all have the capability to act recklessly, this is only heightened when we feel that we are being treated unfairly and this is not something we can help. YES, their actions are wrong but it is also wrong of you to judge them and hate them for something you cannot understand. They’re fighting for something an average person can’t understand; the privilege of being safe.

And secondly, it would be hideous to judge an entire community by the actions committed by only a small percentage of the group.

It is as if the more people fight for peace the more steps are taken backwards.


You cannot expect migrants to plea for the safety of your lands and shut up and sit when your authorities tell them that they cannot be granted a safe, secure shelter while their homes are being destroyed. You cannot expect them to be so understanding as it is natural to be so frustrated and helpless in their situation since people are not so understanding about their struggle.

I have NO doubts that if those complaining about the influx of refugees were to be put into that desperate struggle, they would plead and fight for a sense of security and be angered and frustrated when it isn’t given to them. I have no doubts that those people would dream about the warmth of a home whilst stranded in the middle of nowhere, with authorities blocking their way to safety. And I have no doubts that those people would lash out and demand something that they rightfully deserve.

Although it is wise to understand the economic effect refugees have on countries- because- I am in no way denying that truth, it is, however, not okay to start blaming refugees for the downfall in your economy as if they were the ones who chose to start the war, as if they are so happy to have their homes and lives destroyed and as if they are so giddy about having this negative impact on your country. All they want is peace and sympathy. It’s not fair that they’re being denied this privilege and once granted, being shunned by society. 

Or thought of not deserving to live in safety the moment they’re weak enough to act on negative influence.

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