I'M TALKING TO MYSELF..and why you should too!

I'M TALKING TO MYSELF..and why you should too!

Jul 7, 2016, 3:47:32 AM Creative

Hello my little explorers!

So this is kind of a big part of who I am, I talked to myself as long as I can remember. For a long time I thought it was weird and something you should keep as a little secret to yourself instead of openly talking about it with friends and well..you.

Today I went on a walk, I was alone so..(you can already guess it) I talked to myself. Not accidentally, I choose intentionally to just talk like I was not alone. I talked about my upcoming weeks, organized roughly what I will be doing and what kind of events & schoolwork is coming up. I particularly talked about my feelings, what I will need to master my upcoming tasks and so on.
Last but not least, I talked about the advantages of speaking to yourself haha.

So let's list the advantages:
- you can practice your speaking skills in a language you're learning.
-give yourself little prep-talks -those boosts your happiness, confidence and self love!
-find solutions for problems you have
-have little "therapist" sessions for free- the answer for your problem is always within yourself! That's exactly what therapists do- by talking to them you realize the solution was always there!
- handle your feelings way better- when you find yourself in a place of self hate, depressive thoughts, anger, hate etc- instead of leaving those feelings and thoughts inside of you- let them out! Talk about them!!
- practice talking to your intuition-  it is the voice within yourself that is calm, all knowing and talks after the ego.
I recommend firstly to try the exercise "writing to your intuition" where you take a piece of paper and write questions on it and wait for the first quick answer of the ego to pass.. so that then a calm, warming voice can speak up,that tells you the truth.. More on intuition  here.
After you have a feeling for your intuition- you can easily just talk to it!

I really want to thank you for reading and tell me what you think! Are you already practicing talking to yourself? What are your experiences?

With that all being said, I wish you an awesome week!

Stay Inspired!

Claudia xx

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