Understand the Application Process for Abdul Kalam Scholarship

Abdul Kalam Scholarship for Indian Students

Understand the Application Process for Abdul Kalam Scholarship

Jan 4, 2021, 5:24:33 AM Creative

Today, almost every child has access to – and considerable knowledge about – the various technological tools available in the market. In fact, according to a 2017 survey by Common Sense Media (as reported by Rasmussen), a staggering 42% of children aged 0 to 8 years have their tablets.


Consequently, premier international schools have begun to recognize students' exceptional technical skills and provide them with a definite direction. GIIS Kuala Lumpur is among the select GIIS branches that offer the prestigious Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship for Indian students who are incredibly tech-savvy. Today, many students are availing the benefit of the scholarship due solely to their merit in technology. Let us take you through the necessary steps involved in applying for this merit scholarship:

Tech-Savvy Level: Check the Eligibility Criteria

The APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship is bifurcated into distinct categories from A to D based on students' eligibility for the scholarship. Each category specifies the ranks that students must hold in particular Olympiads or competitions to be eligible for the scholarship. Accordingly, students may avail of specific percentages of discounts on tuition fees. For example, category A requires students to be among the top 10 national rank-holders at the SOF, STEM or Robotics Olympiads. Alternatively, they must be 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize winners at the national level in the National Children's Science Congress's annual competition. Students from category A would avail of a 19% discount on tuition fees.

Submit the Application Form and Necessary Documents

The next step is to submit the online application form for the scholarship. This form requires parents to fill up all the relevant personal and educational details about the student. Besides, parents must upload all the necessary documents, including mark-sheets depicting their academic performance through the past two years and other published theses and documents as relevant.

Look Forward to the Much-Awaited Notification!

Upon submitting the application form, students would have to await an email notification pertaining to their selection. Typically, the school sends out an email within ten working days, intimating parents whether the student has been selected for the scholarship.

Take the Scholarship Assessment

Once notified by email, the student would need to take a scholarship assessment that further verifies his/her knowledge in science and technology. Schools administer this basic assessment to also confirm the student's scientific and technological inclination before stepping ahead with the scholarship.

Appear for the Scholarship One-to-One Interview (If Applicable)

In some cases, the school may additionally conduct a one-to-one interview with the student. This interview will typically aim at further assessing the student's scientific understanding if need be. Such interviews provide schools with a clear idea about the student's calibre and eligibility for the scholarship.

Gear Up for the Final Selection and Disbursal Process!

Now comes the final selection process in which the students finally eligible for the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship are shortlisted. Students may begin to avail discounts on their tuition fees as specified in each category. It always helps if parents and students read through the scholarship terms and conditions before availing its benefits.


Displaying a spark in science and technology is a boon in every sense in the modern world. Today, technology plays an indispensable role in almost every aspect of our lives; subsequently, being technologically inclined enables students to achieve unparalleled realms in their journeys. Reputed international schools like GIIS Kuala Lumpur guide and encourage brilliant minds to attain academic and professional success.

Published by Divya Lamba

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