Soaked phone in Tech age!

Soaked phone in Tech age!

Aug 19, 2016, 10:43:26 PM Tech and Science

In such a media/tech savvy age we go into a panic when things go wrong with our devices.  That's just what happened today for me!  My dog thought it'd be fun to bump me while bump I mean full throttle run into my hands...well, it fell into a nice, big mud puddle... Needless to say, it's sitting in rice, and I have this cracked screen old phone to use until, and if, my Galaxy wants to recover!  
I never realized how much I was attached to my phone I was until today...For starters, we don't have a home phone, so there was no communicating with my Other that it was not working but I did in fact make it home from picking up my Step-Daughter from school.  As I am sitting here immensely frustrated because it had already been a horrible day with my son and Terrible-Two's, here comes Mike storming into the house thinking I died... No, honey, we just rely so heavily on our cell phones that MAYBE we need to invest in a house phone for times like these. 
It's so crazy to think how lost we can be without these devices, I've been searching for my phone mindlessly just because I am so used to it being around! It has all kinds of information I use daily and not knowing what to do without it has caused panic...HELLO SANGRIA! (: 
It's so funny to think, I was around when texting wasn't "cool" yet, phones were a luxury and now it's such a part of who we are...

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