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Sam Braden is the all American playboy. He loves 'em and leaves 'em the same night. He was hurt real bad when he was sixteen and ever since then he has not looked to settle down. He loved to party with his brother Ty and with the women. That is until he landed his eyes on Faith.

Faith Hayes is a physician assistant and works for Sam's brother Cole. She had moved to Peaceful Harbor a few years ago to escape a painful breakup. Her boyfriend (whom she thought she would marry cheated on her and she caught him). After that night she formed an online support group WAC (Women Against Cheaters.) She does not believe in the lifestyle that Sam has been living and doesn't want any part of it.

Sam has wanted Faith for a while now but he knew that he was not the right person for her. She was to smart and sweet for him. His brother Cole has also seen the way Sam looks at her and the way she flushes every time he comes into the office to see Cole. He warned Sam to stay away from her.

The night of Cole and Leesa's wedding everything changed for him. He could not keep his eyes off of Faith and when he asked her to dance and she had asked if he had run out of girls that made him wake up and take a look at himself. His brother Cole was pissed and told him to leave her alone.

Sam had decided that he was not going to give up on what he felt for Faith or to hold it in any longer. She had told him the night of the wedding about a car wash fund-raiser she was doing the next day, so he decided he wanted to go. When he saw what it was for he was baffled. What hurt him even more was that she saw him as a cheater, something he would never do. He stayed and helped them and got to know some of the women and their stories. He was really honored to be there and to try to help anyway he could. He offered her a donation which she told him there was not need.

Later that night he went to Whispers the bar where he liked to hang out to try to get Faith off of his mind. He was dancing with another woman and someone bumped into him. It was Faith and she was dancing with another guy. That burned a hole in his gut. After the song was over he went over to Faith's table and asked her to dance. She went because he really didn't ask more like demanded in his own way. After they danced a few songs he asked her to go for a walk on the beach with him.

Faith thought he was just trying to do all of these things to get into her pants, but he told her he never took walks on the beach and didn't really talk to the people he was with but he wanted to talk to her. After she told her friends and her best friend didn't like it at all. She was hating on all men at the moment and she was trying to rub that off on Faith tool. But, she went for a walk and they had very good conversations. He had told her friends thirty minutes but they had been talking for an hour and were about to kiss when her friends came to her rescue. He had asked her out on a date but she said no.

He went to her work one day and stripped down to his underwear and asked her out. She told him no. She could not go out with him. She really wanted to go but for her heart she knew she needed to turn him down. When she got off work that day there was a note on her car.


I wonder what you would see if you didn't know about my reputation? Without that cover, would you still judge me in the same way? Are you willing to bet your future on who you think I am? If you, ignore this note and carry on. I promise never to bother you again. But if you have a shadow of a doubt, if you feel what I feel when we're together, then take a chance on me and head over to Chelsea's Boutique.


Squeeeee. who could not fall for that. And so she went to find out what was going on. I will not tell you about the rest of the adventure, but I really suggest you read it to find out, that was the moment I started falling for Sam in this book. It was so heartfelt and so romantic.

They continued to get to know each other and her friend kept pulling her back with words that were starting to confuse Faith. She was falling for Sam but some of the things her friend said made sense.

As the time wore on Sam was waiting for Cole to come back from his honeymoon and decided to meet him so he would not hear from anyone else about him and Faith. He was not happy with the turn out. I will not go into detail you really need to read it to understand the dynamics of the conversation had between the two brothers and the one with Cole and Faith.

Cole had been needing someone to do the books and paperwork at his office so he hired one of the women he met at the car wash. He was giving her a trial run and letting her work remotely from her home until they decided if this was going to work out. He had a big barbecue coming up with his company and she was helping him put it together. She was doing an amazing job and he was thinking about offering her a full-time status. He was glad he had hired her, and given her past he knew she needed it.

Sam took him and Faith on a little rafting overnight trip. During that time something happened to both of them, wont say what it is because I want you to experience it while you are reading it. But just know that it is awesome.

The day of the BBQ came and Faith thought she would be jealous of all the females that would be there vying for Sam's attention but she wasn't. He had shirts made that said Sam's Girl and Faith's Man. He wanted them to wear them to the BBQ. He also had Faith invite Vivian (her best friend) so she could see with her own eyes that Sam was not playing Faith and that he really was meant for her. She was reluctant but she did it anyway.

Vivian told Sam to forget everything she had said about him. And something else happened at the BBQ that I didn't see coming. I knew from the book that something had to happen because things were going so well. My heart hurt for a while during this time. But like all of the good juicy drama I don't want to say what it was. Just know that when your past especially hurtful past comes face to face with you it is hard to take. But you have to weather through it.

Do Sam and Faith weather through the stuff that happens at the BBQ?

That is something you will have to find out when you read the book. Go get your copy today it is the best one yet in this series to me anyway.

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