The Vampire Gift Book:1 Book Review

The Vampire Gift Book:1 Book Review


I read this book because one of the reviews I read about the book said that it was better than A Shade of Vampire Series. I will have to disagree.

I liked the book ok, but I did not connect to the characters like I connected with the characters of The Shade.

Eleira woke up in a room surrounded by glass. She had a huge bump on her neck. She could not remember what happened to her after she went to the library of her college. She called out but there was no one there to help her.

James, Raul, and Phillip were all brothers and they were also vampires. James is a sadistic man (who I did not like at all.) He is the one who found her and bit her. He injected a little bit of venom into her to turn her slowly. She was precious to their coven but she does not know that yet.

Raul is in love with her but he is keeping his distance because her blood tempts him too much and she is to be pure before the ceremony is to begin. He tried to keep her from this fate in life but something happened when she was younger and his mother found her. James is all about power and Raul and Phillip still have a some humanity in them. Phillip doesn't even drink human blood, he lives on animal blood.

Raul tries to find a way for her to prolong turning but he knows there is no such thing. James plays a dirty trick on him with the girl and he is so livid. You will have to read to find out what that is.

When Eleira sees Raul she is frightened but intrigued at the same time. She does not know why but he is a beautiful man. His eyes hold her interest even though he barely looks her in the eye. She does not know what that is about.

His mother is just as sadistic as James and the fact that she is a vampire witch giving her a lot of power. She does things that Raul does not agree with and him and James goes behind her back to try to help Eleira.

Bad stuff happens and he puts her in more danger than he even realizes.

Here is some questions to ask yourself while you are reading.

What happens to Eleira when Raul and Phillip try to help her?

What happens to Raul and Phillip?

What is James up to?

Is Raul able to save Eleira?

You will find answers to all of those questions as you are reading it.

Here is a link to the book on Amazon where you can get your copy today.

Thank you for reading my review and I would love to hear from you.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

Published by Donna Morrison

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