Essential Guide to Car Parking in Adelaide

Essential Guide to Car Parking in Adelaide

Adelaide has a distinctive parking culture worth knowing about before you visit. The City Council is pretty strict with its parking regulations designed to keep everything running smoothly. A variety of initiatives and options to reduce congestion, and ensure fair access for all are available throughout the city. They offer short-term street parking and long-term facility nearby, both street and off-street depending upon your needs.

Below are some places where a perfect spot for car parking in Adelaide can be found.

Myer's Mall Car Park:

Myer's Mall Car Park is the perfect place and the top choice for many to park their car in Adelaide city. It offers a high-class parking service at a reasonable rate. The other services include getting assistance to direct customers straight to their floor and helping customers with disabilities.

It offers 467 spaces, early bird parking before 9:30 am Monday through Saturday, and 11:30 A.M Sundays. It's easy-breezy when you're shopping or visiting friends in central Adelaide. This prime spot provides enough room for your vehicle, and if someone else parks next door, everyone has plenty of extra space. At night, they offer discounted rates which can save money depending on how long one intends to stay - especially since most other metered spots are usually much more expensive around this time.

On-Street Parking:

There are plenty of free time spaces available around the city, though they come with a time limit of only 9 minutes. If you want to park longer, there are many paid ticket placements where prices vary depending on the zone restrictions. Sometimes it pays off if you understand what type of parking is required and purchase a ticket in advance.

Off-Street Parking:

Adelaide has convenient U Park car parks that are sure to have a space for your vehicle. The City of Adelaide has been working hard to ensure that you're always able to find a convenient parking space, even on those crazy weekend days when everything is closed. Nine locations throughout the city mean there's one close by no matter where your destination may be in town.

Ramble Car Park:

For a cheaper and more scenic option, it's worth considering the Ramble Car Park on Grote Street. The three hundred sixty-five spaces available make this car park perfect for those looking to avoid city centre crowds with its early-bird specials that go until 7:30 pm over weekends! You'll also be able to walk near Rundle Mall after leaving your vehicle here.

Rundle Place Car Park:

The Rundle Place Car park is the perfect place to find a spot if you need some relief from Adelaide's bustling streets. With 500 spaces and early bird specials that are only available until 9:30 am or 3 pm on weekdays (depending on which option you choose), this multi-storey structure has everything any visitor needs! 

The parking tickets in Adelaide are expensive, but you'll find a cheaper place if you know where to look. The options listed above should help with your savings and make it convenient to find a spot to park your vehicle.

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