How Schools Can Help Students Develop a Greater Sense of Purpose

How Schools Can Help Students Develop a Greater Sense of Purpose

What does it mean to have a purpose? There are multiple answers to this question but then there are multiple questions also that follow. 

What gets you out of bed each morning? What is it that you care about? What makes you happy? What is it that you want to achieve? These are some questions that test your purpose for life. 

But purpose is not a term that young adults, teenagers and sometimes adults, use in the course of everyday life and conversation. But the important fact is to develop a sense of purpose in them. For this individuals need to understand who they are and what they are about. They need to know what makes them get out of bed and what is that they care about and what is it that makes them happy. 

For young adults and teenagers, their secondary school in Adelaide is the place where they can understand the greater sense of purpose. Teachers can play an essential role in being a student’s confidant and imbibe in them a sense of purpose. 

Here are a few points about how schools and educators can help students in achieving a purpose. 

Build Self-Awareness:

Educators must make the students understand and recognize their journey towards Purpose. How they would like to contribute to the world, will start with them realizing who they are now and what got them here. For most of us, this starts with our close-knit circle – family. It is never too early to start self-exploring and only once you have found yourself and become self-aware, you can move towards finding purpose. 

Serve as Models and Mentors:

Students look up to their educators as role models. Some even treat them like family. A part of education for young adults is observing their role models and eventually, try to be like them.  But not all purpose(s) have to match and be on the same level. It can start at being loving and responsible, as they see around them but the greater purpose can be different. Students often love to hear the purpose of their teacher; why they are one, what made them a teacher and so on. This makes them recognize the need of a purpose and helps them build one of their own.

Real-World Learning:

Stories and philosophies are one thing. But the knowledge of the practical world is not just about theory. Giving the students opportunities to explore purpose is an important responsibility in itself. But secondary school educators in Adelaide need to go beyond that; challenge them to brainstorm what they’d like to learn or what problems they might be able to solve on a globally level. Starting small is great but thinking big is better. 

This is what keeps students motivated and open to learning. There are things only a school can teach, and the “purpose” of which is to train young minds for the betterment of their own in this fast-paced world.

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