Wibmo’s Prepaid Cards Solutions

Wibmo’s Prepaid Cards Solutions

Dec 27, 2021, 11:02:33 AM Business

Prepaid card solutions involve issuing EMV chip cards, virtual cards, loyalty cards, e-vouchers, corporate cards, etc. Businesses and financial organizations choose prepaid cards solutions based on their requirements. There are numerous benefits of using prepaid cards solutions. This post will discuss all these pointers below. 


Benefits of Prepaid Cards Solutions: 

  • Limits spending: The added amount is fixed, which is not the case with a credit card. As a result, this limits purchases to the available balance. 
  • Secure: They are much safer than carrying credit or debit cards. Since the amount added on prepaid cards remains fixed, tampering or misusing the funds is less likely. 
  • Ease of use and reloadable: They are much easier to use and can be reloaded as and when required, thus providing better money control.
  • Simpler during international Travel: Dealing with a foreign currency is relatively difficult. Prepaid cards make travel to a foreign country relatively hassle-free in terms of the usage of money.


Wibmo’s Digital Prepaid Solutions:

Wibmo Inc. provides customized digital prepaid solutions to a host of categories. They are: 


  • Corporates: These include benefits cards, general-purpose reloadable cards, payroll cards, incentive and cashback solutions, and virtual online purchase cards. Businesses can offer this solution to their corporate clients or customers for rewards, vouchers, brand loyalty, etc. 
  • Consumers: Individuals may use gift cards, travel cards, general-purpose reloadable cards, etc. Financial institutions may utilize these solutions to cater to clients’ needs, with flexibility and security.
  • Government: Government offices issue prepaid solutions for disbursing funds. These include student scholarships, small business incentives, support for women and children, and benefit programs. Using prepaid cards for offering these benefits is highly viable. 


Key Features of Wibmo’s Digital Prepaid Solution:


  • Customized to suit business needs with options to load/reload. Flexibility in terms of usage and limits
  • Choice of open and closed-loop programs
  • Configuration of cards for ATM, online shopping. The selection of merchants and categories like shopping, travel, gift, as required
  • Extremely secure solution. Banks can opt for two-factor authentication options for online payments. Cards are EMV chip-enabled. Fraudulent transactions are blocked through our TRIDENT FRM™ system.
  • Offer selection of one currency or multiple currencies for travel cards. 
  • Host complete back-office card transactions.
  • Manage card ordering and fulfillment through our specialized card management services.
  • Provide assistance to cardholders with our managed services.



Digital prepaid solutions are exceedingly client-friendly and easy to use. They act as a key money control system and help in keeping finances in control. They help in building client loyalty. With an array of prepaid solutions in the market, it is necessary to select one that provides flexibility, security, and customized solutions. Wibmo Inc., with rich experience in the digital payments industry, provides the best digital prepaid solutions.


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