Want to get yourself a freebie? Write a review.

Want to get yourself a freebie? Write a review.

In a previous article on here, I suggested writing letters to earn some fast and easy money. If you're a budding writer, this is the easiest and most obvious way of seeing your words in print. And this is advocated in most non-fiction writing courses, as the first steps to getting published.

But, perhaps you've no plans to write... you just like finding easy ways of earning money and getting stuff you like for free. No harm in that.

Write a review.

Get writing that review.

Get writing that review.

Just about everything you can think of can be reviewed and we all like to check out reviews for things we are planning to buy, places we hope to visit, books we want to read and of course restaurants/cafes where we can eat and drink... right?

Sometimes a discount can be obtained in exchange for an honest and informative review, or you may just grab yourself a freebie.

A freebie and a stepping stone into the writing world.

I got a freebie and found a way into writing for one particular publication, by writing a review.

Tell us about you holiday experience with your dog and win a fab dog bed.The UK magazine Dog's Monthly had asked its readers, back in 2010.

Hubby and I had just returned from our first holiday, with our first retired, racing greyhound.  We'd had a brilliant few days in a country hotel in the Yorkshire Dales. The dog had behaved, we'd behaved and I fancied having a rave about the little gem of a hotel, in a review. Our greyhound had also expressed interest in another dog bed. So, I sorted out some photos,  wrote the review and emailed it to the magazine.

I won!

I won!

Blimey! I won.

This article was published by ABM Publishing Ltd (UK) in Dogs Monthly, in October 2010

This article was published by ABM Publishing Ltd (UK) in Dogs Monthly, in October 2010

I was published and my dog had a brilliant, new bed to sleep on. ( Greyhounds sleep a lot, so masses of soft, comfy beds are a necessity.)

My foot in the door, at the magazine.

Even more importantly, it gave me a chance to get my foot in the door at the magazine. I'd been reading the publication for a while and thinking if only I could get published in this magazine?

Following on from this review, I did go on to have several articles published in Dogs Monthly  and I'll give you the low down on how I did it in another article on here, and on my blog Write Dorne.

But, how about you?

Get writing.

Get writing.

Could you write a review? Even if there's no monetary or freebie reward on offer, you still get to see your words in print and someone, somewhere will be very grateful for your review. Some websites offer points and reward systems for reviews.

Here are just a few ideas of possible things you could rave about.

Review your favourite restaurant.

Review your favourite restaurant.

Why not do a review for your favourite restaurant? Let them know about it and you may even get a freebie meal on the house.

Chill out for free.

Chill out for free.

Do you enjoy chilling out at a health spa? Lucky you. Write them a review and you may just be rewarded with some  freebie, extra or discounted chill - out sessions.

There's good and bad books.

There are good and bad books.

Have you read any good books recently? Give a good, honest review of the book and the author may just reward you with a free copy of their next book - to review. If I had a book on the go and someone reviewed it for me, I'd be only too willing to give them something for their time and comments. Perhaps, a big bar of creamy chocolate to accompany the book reading and reviewing. They'd have to supply the cosy chair, roaring fire, warm, fluffy socks and fresh coffee though.

Which also reminds me, that I need to spend a bit more time reading and doing some more reviews. Add it to the list. Take a leaf out of my book and all of that! (Pun intended.)


Of course, there are loads of other things out there to review. And then there are competitions.

Is anyone reading this, a competition fan/expert and if so, have you won and what things have you won? When I was a girl guide, I won a book voucher for baking a cake. It still amazes me to this day.

So, get checking out those magazines and websites for competitions, and reviews. And get writing about your hotels, meals and purchases. Who knows what goodies are waiting for you!

These are just a few of the things that I can think of, but, I know there are heaps more. Feel free to share them and your experiences with us.

I'll be prattling on about this and other things on my blog Write Dorne and you are more than welcome to drop by.

As always, thanks for reading.

Dorne x



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