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Tips for Beginner Android Developers for Android Application Development

With the increasing market for Android phones, there have also been some growth in Android application development. Android smart-phones have taken a lot of market share as it turns out to be a cheaper option than any other smart-phone technology. Many professional developers those who were working in other technology and platforms have made a shift towards Android application development seeing the growth and career development in this market.

Being an open-source platform Android offers an economical option towards smart-phones with many integrated features and applications developed by expert Android developers. There are many applications that are developed daily and submitted in the App store. There are millions of applications that are available for users and they can choose from the category of their interest and install it.

Android app development requires specialized skill-set and creativity to create android game reviews and applications that are useful/entertaining for users. Although there is a pool of talented Android developers in the market and those who have already created their name in the Android market. If you think that you are young, talented and posses those skills that are required to perform/develop great Android app, you should take care of somethings that can help you in becoming a successful Android developer:

  • Android app development required clear understanding of the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and other Android tools that are available. If not, you should rethink about developing any app.
  • It is true that an Android developer should be creative, but while developing an Android app initially you should not put out all your creativity at once, as you would end up creating a disaster. It is always better to keep on enhancing your app, this will be more acceptable by users and also show your development talents.
  • Prior developing any Android app, it is very necessary to understand the type of app that you are about to develop and also your the target audience for whom you are developing the application. Try to make something that they require.
  • It is very much understood that user interface and interaction with any app should be good and easy.
  • Every user should be able to navigate through your Android app without any problem. A Android developer should also take care of the screen resolution and designing so to increase the user’s experience.
  • Along with features and interface your Android app development should also include sound effects, graphics and images for the app to make more interactive.
  • Once you are done with your Android App development, you should test your Android app using simulators and also real devices for final check and make a Bug free app.
  • Lastly, launch your app and also try to market your app and promote your app and reach your targeted audience.

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