Converting A Kids Outdoor Playhouse Into A Kids Gym Is Only A Few Steps Away

Converting A Kids Outdoor Playhouse Into A Kids Gym Is Only A Few Steps Away

May 21, 2018, 8:14:36 PM Life and Styles


Making a kids outdoor playhouse into a little kids gymnasium is not as hard as it may seem. It can be done fairly simply and without a great expense.  Children need a daily dose of exercise and playing, of course. Imagine the fun that your children, along with your young neighbors will have as they put their time in and get in good workout right in your little neighborhood gym.  Even if you don’t set the entire outdoor playhouse up with exercise equipment, just dedicating one section could have the same effect. Here’s how to get started:

1. Keep things simple. Let your child coordinate the space according to their own fitness goals. For instance, one child may want to do more aerobic type of exercise, so a jump rope or mats for doing aerobic type of movements would work well. For strength training, workout elastics are great because they provide resistance, yet they are fairly cheap and don’t take up much room at all.

2. Keep safety first. A kids playhouse can be just about anything, but if the environment is not safe, then all of the fun can quickly go away. So, if your child wants to make his or her kids playhouse into a gym, stress the importance of safety with your child. Some items that will help with safety are having towels available to clean up wet areas from sweating. You may also need to keep disinfectant wipes available for wiping down equipment and other areas that could be subject to bacteria.

3. Make sure there are mirrors all over the walls of the kids outdoor playhouse! Kids love to watch as they workout. Whether they are doing bodybuilder poses or simply likes to see themselves jumping up and down, having mirrors on the wall makes fitness a wild and wacky adventure.

4. Choose bright colors for the kids playhouse that energize! From the fixtures to the flooring, having exciting colors will get everyone psyched up for a good workout. Dull, dark colors will not entice the children.

5. Let your child have a little “Juice Bar”, where he or she can mix different healthy drinks for the friends that visit their little gym. Kids love mixing stuff and you can use little juice box drinks to keep things whimsical and age appropriate.

6. Provide music and videos in the kids playhouse that your child can enjoy. One of the best parts about working out is using really cool music to jog, jump, or dance to. Videos are also great because kids can learn how to properly execute different fitness moves.

A kids outdoor playhouse can do double duty as a little kids gym with just a few small tweaks to the items that you have in it. From crazy juice concoctions to mastering wild and funky aerobic moves, any child that “joins” your child’s gym is sure to have a heart-healthy good time

Published by Dorothy Jones

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