Create An Inviting Entrance To Your Outdoor Playhouse With Flower Boxes

Create An Inviting Entrance To Your Outdoor Playhouse With Flower Boxes

May 21, 2018, 8:22:25 PM Life and Styles

Brighten up your outdoor playhouse by adding overflowing flower boxes and planters filled with fresh flowers.  Kids love the outdoors and they love to plant things and watch them grow.  As a parent, you can encourage the love of the outdoors by combining this love with activities around or outside of their playhouse.   Your child will get very excited to plant flowers in their flowers boxes when they know the flower boxes are for their playhouse.

Try these tips to make sure that you and your child get the most out of beautifying their kids playhouse:

Flower boxes are not all made the same, so make sure your child chooses a flower box that will compliment the decor of your child’s playhouse.   Flower boxes come in all types of shapes, sizes and colors.  The rectangle as the most traditional shape to non-traditional semi-circular pocket flower boxes.  There are also flower boxes that attach directly to the sides of a playhouse, hang on the side of a railing, or are free-standing and remain on the ground.

The look of the flower boxes can be easily and simply changed using paint, ribbons or decorative planting sticks.  Have fun with this flower box decorating project by using bold contrasting colors for the paints or ribbons.  If you really want to jazz up the flower boxes, personalize them with stickers, beads, rhinestones or monograms using an epoxy adhesive to keep the customized items from falling off.

The best part of this activity is having your child pick out the flowers!  There is an amazing abundance of flower varieties, shapes, sizes and colors to choose from and whether the flowers are fresh or artificial, your child will absolutely relish choosing flowers that they like and that are appealing to them.  If you want your child to experience the joy of gardening, then plant real or fresh flowers in the flower boxes.   Your child’s playhouse is sure to look fabulous, regardless of whether your flower boxes have fresh or fake flowers.  Don’t forget to consider using fake flowers in the colder months so there is always an appealing look to the outdoor playhouse!

To your child, the exterior of their playhouse is as important as the interior so create an inviting and welcoming entrance to the playhouse using flower boxes.   Flower boxes add vibrancy and can give any playhouse a charming feel and brighter look.  Make your child’s outdoor playhouse bright, beautiful and vibrant using one or more flower boxes that have been customized by your child

Published by Dorothy Jones

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