Electric Trike for Adults - Great for Commuting, Seniors and for Fun

Electric Trike for Adults - Great for Commuting, Seniors and for Fun

Jul 30, 2018, 7:23:01 AM Life and Styles

Looking for an Electric Trike for Adults? This guide will help you choose the best three-wheeler for your needs and budget. Electric tricycles are becoming very popular with seniors, larger cyclists, those with disabilities including balance problems and people who just love them!

Seniors like electric tricycles because they are much cooler than electric scooters and do offer the ability to get some exercise.

Larger cyclists are enjoying them because they offer more stability and the chance to get some exercise at their own pace with the option to turn on the motor at any point and get home easily!

For those with disabilities including balance problems and arthritis, the motor means that they can still get exercise but know that if they are struggling they can get some help.

And others just think trikes are a cool mode of transport. The electric motor is much more environmentally friendly than a gas-guzzling car and you've got room to transport shopping or the bags you need for work.

Electric Trike for Adults - Tips and Tricks

  1. As soon as your trike arrives, plug the battery in to charge. This can take a while and you'll want to try it out as soon as possible!

  2. The distance that the electric motor can take you before you need to recharge does depend on your weight and how flat (or hilly!) your area is. If you are going to be covering longer distances then it's a good idea to try it out without getting too far from home so you get to know how far you can travel between charges. (This won't be too much of an issue if you only plan to travel a few miles.)
  3. Do get a cycle helmet, especially if you plan to cycle on roads. You may be less likely to fall off a tricycle but it's just as far to fall.
  4. Invest in a good cycle lock if you plan to leave your trike unattended.
  5. Riding a trike is quite different from riding a bike. The steering does not react in the same way. Expect to practice a little to get the hang of things.

Who uses Adult Tricycles?

Older people, disabled, balance problems, dog owners

Adult Tricycles are popular with quite a range of riders. One common group is older cyclists who no longer feel confident on a two-wheeler. There are some lovely stories of grandparents and even great-grandparents being able to cycle with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I love that idea!

3 Wheelers are also good for bikers who have balance or stability problems due to disability or illnesses such as stroke and Parkinsons. This applies to all age groups from teenagers up.

Dog owners are another group that loves Tricycles. Smaller dogs can ride in the basket at the back. Bigger dogs can get plenty of exercises as their owner keeps up for longer distances.

And then there are those who are just Tricycle fans! There is something rather cool about a Trike. They are very popular in Scandinavian countries with all age groups and abilities, and why not :-)

What do Adults use their Trikes for?

Picnics, Dog walking, Shopping, Factories

Many people use their trikes to run everyday errands. The basket means that you can store a good amount of shopping.

Leisure rides are common too. A lot of active cyclists buy adult 3-wheelers for their partners who are not confident on a 2-wheeler. This means they can share leisurely cycle rides on cycle paths or in the country. The basket means there's plenty of room to take a picnic too.

Businesses also buy trikes to allow workers to get around quickly and carry small loads. Much more stable than two-wheelers and riders are easier to spot.

Dog owners love to take their dogs with then - puppies and little dogs ride in the basket.

Teenagers who are unable to ride a 2-wheeler will enjoy having a bike that they can ride to join in with their friends. Lots of kids who aren't stable on a 2-wheeler can manage a trike.

Do you like the electric tricycle?

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