How To Shave Your Legs - Step by Step Guide

How To Shave Your Legs - Step by Step Guide

Aug 27, 2018, 10:40:31 AM Life and Styles

Men like their legs hairy. For them, it’s a sign of manliness and adds to their “rugged” appeal. Women, on the other hand, would do anything just to get rid of the hair on their legs. They often resort to using depilatory creams or waxing, but aside from these methods, the quickest and easiest way to get rid of their hairy leg problem is by shaving.

Shaving is a must for women, especially when they wear skin-revealing clothes, like skirts or bikinis. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly shave, which is why many women end up with nicks, wounds and irritations. If you’re one of those who doesn’t know how to run a razor through your hairy legs, here’s how.

What You’ll Need

  • Shower
  • Razor (find one with a flexible head, for better results)
  • Shower gel or hair conditioner
  • Loofah
  • Lotion


  1. Start halfway through a warm shower, or at least five minutes after you got in. The heat will make your hair follicles open and soften, allowing you to shave quicker and easier. Also, your skin won’t be so puffy, and the hair will not be very coarse.
  2. Put yourself in a comfortable position. In this case, you have to either sit on a ledge or elevate your leg on a lower surface, like the tub’s lip or a small plastic stool. You can also raise one leg against the shower wall, but make sure you’re balanced properly.
  3. Exfoliate your legs using a loofah. Lather some shower gel onto the loofah, then gently scrub it against your legs. Rinse away the soap and dead skin cells.
  4. Using more shower gel or hair conditioner, create a lather and smoothen over your legs. Begin at your ankle, then work your way upwards, to the top of the thigh, just near the groin area. Make sure your leg is covered with the lather adequately.
  5. Starting at your ankle, slide the razor upwards towards your knee using medium pressure. Don’t press very hard, though. In between the strokes, rinse the razor.
  6. Using long upward strokes, repeat shaving, until you’ve gone all the way around your leg’s lower part. While sliding the razor, feel the now-shaved portions using your other hand, to check if you missed a spot. If you feel coarseness, go over it again using the razor, until it’s smooth.
  7. You can move on to your thighs. Shave the top of your thigh, with upward strokes. At the back of the thigh, glide your hand in different directions, so you can feel which way the hair is going. Shave against the grain, towards the opposite direction where your hair is growing. You need to work in sections, though, so you’ll end up with a smoother shave.
  8. The knee area comes next and is perhaps the hardest part of all because the hair is uneven. With your knee bent, shave in different directions. Afterward, straighten your knee and go over it again carefully.
  9. Repeat the process with your other leg.
  10. Check the tops of your feet and toes if they are hairy. Be careful when going over these irregularly-shaped bony areas. Always shave against the grain.
  11. Pat excessive water from your legs, but don’t dry them completely yet.
  12. Generously apply lotion onto your legs while they’re still moist and while the pores are still open from the shower.

A Few Shaving Tips

  • Get a good razor and a top quality shaving gel, since they both help increase the closeness of your shave and lessen razor burn.
  • If you don’t have shower gel, you can use soap as a backup, but this isn’t very recommended since it makes you more vulnerable to razor burn.
  • Try not to put too much pressure on the razor while shaving, to avoid cutting and discomfort.
  • Depending on your body, you can shave every two to three days, or if the hair started growing back already. Shaving every day isn’t recommended, though.

Having ugly, hairy legs is always a no-no especially for women. Avoid this by learning how to shaving properly. Remember these steps, so you’ll always have smooth, hair-free legs to flaunt.

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