How Do You See Yourself?

How Do You See Yourself?

The Lord has impressed upon my spirit how His children don’t know who they are in Christ.  It seems that many people, not only in the Body of Christ, are yearning to know who they are.  They are asking what my purpose in life is.

They are have an identity crisis.  An identity crisis is defined as a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person's sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society. When we have an identity crisis we are easily “tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching” (Ephesians 4:14).

We live in uncertain times today. How we see ourselves in light of the gospel makes all the difference.  If someone were to ask you to describe in just three words or less, how do you see yourself.  What would you say?

This morning during a time of meditation and study, I came across . . . by Dr. Mark Chironna and wanted to share it here. How you see yourself determines:

• How comfortable you are or aren’t in your own skin, and the comfort zone you then live in

• Your ability to manage your emotions

• Your constant behavior(s)

• Your potential

• Your attempts to avoid or embrace things

• What questions you are willing to ask

Your self-concept is:

• Dependent on sources both internal and external

• External – environment and interactions

• Internal – How you reframe events; what you attend to; what you think about yourself as well as others; how you interpret failure and success

When your self-concept suffers you:

• Develop emotional coping strategies to either deny or justify what is taking place

• Fall prey to accusing others or accusing yourself

• Bask in negativity

• Avoid what you don’t want to face by allowing multiple distractions to pull you away from your needful focus


These are just a few thoughts Dr. Chironna shared to give you some things to ponder to helpful on your journey!

Published by Dr. A. Francine Green

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