8 Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted By A Dermatologist

8 Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted By A Dermatologist

Nov 18, 2021, 1:09:36 PM Life and Styles

Are you tired of waxing, shaving or epilating constantly? While body hair is natural, many individuals are troubled by it and seek effortless solutions to obtain soft, smooth skin. Numerous individuals who are dissatisfied with the amount of unwanted hair on their bodies have seen dramatic changes in their life as a result of laser hair reduction. It is the most effective, convenient, and quick method of hair removal available. Many people shun laser hair removal in Mumbai due to the fallacies around it. The following are some common misconceptions concerning laser hair removal that you should be aware of:

Myth: Laser hair removal causes ingrown hairs to develop.

Ingrown hairs are more common following shaving and waxing, but not following laser hair removal. The laser therapy targets hair follicles and successfully eliminates body hair from the roots. Due to the fact that the laser heat destroys the hair bulb, the hair does not sprout, and the results are also long-lasting. As a result, this treatment aids in hair growth decrease.

Myth: Laser hair removal treatment stimulates new hair growth.

Laser hair removal works by focusing on hair follicles that are in the anagen phase of the hair development cycle. As a result, it assists in reducing hair growth, and the greatest part is that the hair begins to thin with each session.

Myth: Laser hair removal is most effective when performed in a single session.

Laser hair removal treatment can significantly reduce hair growth in just one session. However, a minimum of six treatments is required to attain smooth, hair-free skin.

Myth: Laser hair removal is ineffective for individuals with dark skin.

Laser hair removal is effective on all skin types, including those with dark or fair complexion. Laser light technology is customised for each patient's skin and hair type, resulting in excellent hair removal and hair-free skin.

Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal is not a painful treatment.

The best laser hair removal in Mumbai is significantly less painful than waxing. The skin is numbed with a numbing cream and cooled with a cooling gel during the therapy. This assists in reducing discomfort associated with laser treatment, and the sensation is similar to that of a rubber band snapping on the skin. The pain is often acceptable.

Myth: Laser hair removal can cause burns and scars.

There is a very slim risk that scarring will occur as a result of laser hair removal. To minimize the danger of side effects from laser therapy, it is recommended that this procedure be performed under the supervision of an expert skin doctor by an expert laser specialist. Additionally, it is vital to follow pre- and post-treatment drugs that assist in reducing the risk of skin burns.

Myth: By exposing the skin to radiation, laser hair removal causes skin damage.

No radiation is emitted during laser hair removal. As a result, the patient having laser hair reduction is not harmed.

Myth: Laser hair removal is only beneficial to women.

Men and women alike might benefit from laser hair removal. Men can have this procedure performed on any part of their body, although it is most popular for beard shaping and chest hair removal.

Published by Dr Niketa Sonavane

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