Myths about Laser Hair Removal debunked by Top Dermatologist

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Myths about Laser Hair Removal debunked by Top Dermatologist

Are you bored by following the same procedure of shaving, waxing, or epilating at all times? Body hair is natural, but people feel embarrassed and usually look for effective ways to achieve hair-free, smooth skin with minimal effort. Laser hair removal treatment has transformed the lives of many people who were uncomfortable with the growth of unwanted hair on their bodies.

Laser hair reduction is the safest, fastest, and most comfortable method of hair removal. People avoid laser treatment because of the myths encompassing this treatment. Here are some of the myths and facts related to the treatment.

Myth: Laser hair reduction causes ingrown hair.

Fact: Ingrown hair occurs after shaving or waxing but surely not after laser hair removal in Mumbai. The laser treatment expertly targets the hair follicles and extracts the amount of body hair from its roots. The heat produced by the laser damages the hair bulb, and as an outcome, there are no chances of the hair re-growth. The results are also long-lasting.

Myth: Laser hair removal is painful.

Fact: Hair removal with laser is popular because it is less painful than waxing. Numbing cream and cooling gel are applied to the skin during the treatment to reduce the case of discomfort by laser treatment. The laser feels like a rubber band snapping on the skin, and this pain is usually bearable.

Myth: Laser treatment removes body hair in one session.

Fact: Getting a laser hair reduction treatment might reduce hair growth just in one sitting, but for best and long-lasting effects, dermatologists recommend a minimum of six sessions to achieve smooth and hair-free skin.

Myth: Laser treatment can increase hair growth.

Fact: Laser treatment results in hair-free skin. It targets the hair follicles that are in the growing phase. Removing the anagen hair follicles from their roots reduces hair growth. With each laser hair removal session, the hair starts to become thinner.

Myth: Laser hair reduction does not work on dark skin.

Fact: Laser treatment for hair removal is effective on all skin types, be it dark or fair skin. The laser light technology is adjustable. Dermatologists adjust the settings according to the patient’s skin and hair type.

Myth: Laser treatment can lead to scarring and burns.

Fact: There are very few chances of scarring because of laser hair reduction treatment. It is always recommended to get this treatment from the best skin clinic in Mumbai that has an experienced and skilled laser specialist to minimize the risk and the side effects caused by the laser to the skin. Always follow the pre and post-treatments and medications that help to reduce the chances of skin burns.

Myth: Laser used in the treatment exposes the skin to radiation.

Fact: The hair removal laser treatment in Mumbai offered at Ambrosia Aesthetics is FDA approved. It does not transmit any radiation to the skin.

Myth: Hair removal laser treament is only for women.

Fact: Both men and women can get face as well as body hair removal with laser. This treatment is popular in men for beard shaping and chest hair removal. Laser hair reduction can be performed on any part of the body for both men and women.

Do you think laser hair removal is right for you? Consult your dermatologist to find out!

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