Winning Your Battle Against Adult Acne

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Winning Your Battle Against Adult Acne

Just when you thought that acne is well behind you as you are now an adult, the breakouts crop up again! This can be annoying, painful and downright embarrassing. Turns out acne is inevitable and we can get it at any point in our life. Fortunately for us, there are a wide range of treatments that you can choose from to treat adult acne. Read on to find out what top dermatologist, Dr Niketa Sonavane has to say about breakouts that won’t stop even with age.

Acne is not merely a superficial issue, but rather it is a sign that the particular area of your skin is inflamed. And the degree of inflammation determined by the size, type and severity of the acne. Which in turn depends on the number of factors that contribute to it before the issue starts.

Adult acne can come in several grades and types. Mild types such as blackheads and whiteheads, moderate type with pus-filled and painful zits, or severe type that goes into multiple layers of your skin known as cystic acne which is very inflamed and tender to touch. 

Causes of Your Adult Acne

As mentioned previously that there are a wide variety of solutions to treat acne, this is because there are different factors that can cause acne and, in most cases, multiple factors contribute at the same time. It can be tricky to narrow down the real reason why you’re getting the acne. 

Notable causes of acne are skin type, allergies or irritation to the skin (known as contact dermatitis), medications we use, food that we eat, exposure to polluted environment, stress levels, as well as the hormone levels we’re having at the moment (this is apparent during menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause). 

These factors may be the sole contributing factor, or they overlap with other potential causes that trigger your skin to produce sebum more than necessary (even if you have a dry skin type) - and this, in turn, becomes the starting point of acne. 

Treating Adult Acne

Rest assured, it’s not the end of the world when you have acne as the treatments are widely available for you to treat for good. The key is to narrow down the likely reason why you're getting acne in the first place and choose the acne treatment accordingly. In most cases, you might not want to rely on one single treatment in dealing with acne and instead, use a combination of solutions to counter all of the possible reasons for the formation of acne.

Treatments that are available for acne include:

Medical-based treatments are the first solution that we look up in treating acne and the solutions are provided based on the type and the severity of your acne issue. Over-the-counter medications (usually comes in the form of toner or spot treatment) with notable ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid are handy in treating mild cases of acne, even if the acne is breaking out all over the face. Simply use the product twice a day as part of your skincare routine until the acne fades away for good.

Moderate to severe cases of acne may require medications that are available via prescription such as antibiotics (either topical or oral), Retinoids or contraceptive-based medications. 

As mentioned before, combining multiple solutions in treating acne prove to have a high success rate. Hence, combining acne treatments with skincare products and home remedies with acne-busting ingredients such as witch hazel, green tea, glycolic acid, and vitamin C is proven to be effective. This is because the combination works to counter all possible factors that are causing you acne.

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