What To Expect From Your Rhinoplasty Recovery

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What To Expect From Your Rhinoplasty Recovery

Do you plan to have a Rhinoplasty to address cosmetic or functional issues? If so, you've made a wise decision that will boost your confidence and improve your overall quality of life. However, you may be concerned about how you will recover from your surgery. If you have chosen the best cosmetic surgeon to perform your Rhinoplasty, you can be confident that he will do everything possible to make your recovery as easy as possible while still providing you with the results you desire. Doing your research to prepare for what your recovery will entail is a good way to relieve stress and will allow you to plan your schedule after surgery to accommodate healing. Here's what you can expect. 


Your surgeon will perform your Rhinoplasty surgery under anaesthesia. This means that all of his incisions are internal, which reduces scarring, operative time, swelling, and recovery time. Such procedures use self-dissolving stitches, which eliminates the need for the patient to return to the office to have them removed, easing recovery. 

When you arrive for your surgery, you will be put under general anaesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. The doctor will then make incisions inside the nose and lift the skin covering the nasal bones and cartilage so that they can reshape the nose. Depending on the procedure, some tissue may be removed or added to achieve the desired aesthetic and functional outcomes. Finally, the skin over the nose is re-draped, and the incisions are closed with dissolving stitches. Before being sent home, you will be monitored until you have fully recovered from the anaesthesia. 


Dr Siddharth strives to make his patients' recovery as painless and quick as possible, but you will still feel some discomfort during your recovery. You will most likely feel congested and see some bruising and swelling in the days following surgery. Dr Siddharth advises his patients to keep a humidifier in their rooms and to exercise as little as possible. He also advises them to sleep with their heads elevated and to avoid blowing their nose for at least the first few weeks following surgery. Most patients find that after about a week, their swelling and bruising have healed sufficiently to allow them to resume their normal routines, though vigorous activity is still not advised. Most patients are almost fully healed by the end of week four, though some may experience a slight loss of feeling, particularly near the tip of their nose. Dr Siddharth advises his patients that they may continue to notice subtle changes in the shape of their nose for a year after surgery and encourages them to contact his office if they have any concerns. 

A nose job can have a huge impact on your health, self-esteem, and overall sense of well-being. When you have your Rhinoplasty performed by a top nose surgeon surgeon, you will be thrilled with the results and confident that your recovery will be as quick as possible.

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