Oct 2, 2016, 1:40:04 AM Creative

Being alone makes your thoughts run.

Feeling unknown takes away all the fun.

Assumptions that lead to your mind’s destruction. 

Panicking, you won’t be able to function.


Poisons and herbs eases the conscious.

Lies, that’s just a bunch of nonsense.

After your lift, more pain will dawn.

More sadness will come and it won’t be able to be withdrawn.


Save yourself before you panic.

Let it take over and you have an uncontrollable manic. 

Insanity; madness; you’ll be looked at as erratic.

Now you’re being locked up in some asylum by the orders of a fanatic. 


Don’t let that happen.

Focus and continue to grind your own passion. 

And overcome your loneliness.

So you come out strong with desirable holiness.

A taste of my poetry. Hope you enjoyed it. 

What type of poetry do you like? Feel free to leave a comment down below. 

Published by Draven Krähe

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