Holy Is the Lamb (Dramatic Monologue/Poem)

Holy Is the Lamb (Dramatic Monologue/Poem)

Nov 9, 2016, 9:34:58 PM Religion
(Written from the perspective of Mary Mother of Jesus)

They never knew the Holy Spirit overshadowed me to create His life within my being.
They never knew the early signs of His brilliance.
His life so entwined with mine.
They never knew His love lit up whole rooms.
His life so like a torch.

Cruel slaughter without just cause.
I hold up my heart to You, O God,
Gray and barely beating.
I cannot keep it within me,
It is too filled with pain.

If only they had known….
He is God’s Holy Lamb.
If only they could conceive…
All things were created through Him.
Then they would have honored Him. 

He wears a sash of gold…
His robe long and white,
His eyes full of fire...
A sword in His mouth,
And stars in His right hand.

Will you understand all that they could not?
Will you allow my words to seep into your being?
Will you acknowledge Him as Lord?
Will you accept His blood as payment for your sin?
Will you sing with me “Holy is the Lamb”?


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