Keeping your white shoes-white!

White shoes

Keeping your white shoes-white!

Hey guys!
90% of my shoes are white. Sneakers especially. So I know that struggle when they lose their whiteness. I wear them so much and very quickly they become grayish. I hope that you will let me to share with you few tips how to keep your white shoes white.

  1. Vinegar removes stains
    Stubborn stains on your cloth white shoes you can remove quickly if you dip top of a towel in a vinegar and with easy, circle moves rub that spot.
  2. Baby oil
    If you're white shoes aren't cloth than you can use a baby oil. Put a drop or two on a cotton wool and then rub that spot. It won't destroy material of your shoes.
  3. Wet wipes 
    They are also a great remover of stains. If they leave unpleasant scent you can remove it if you put in your shoes a soap or a baking soda and leave it for a night.
  4. Sour milk
    Mix it with a baking soda or with a vinegar and soak your shoes in it. You can use only sour milk if you don't have the rest of ingredients. Leave it like that for few hours. If stains are still there then use a mild shampoo and with circle moves brush out stains.
  5. Clean your sole
    If your sole after all this washing is still dirty you can remove it with a tooth paste. Put it on a brush and with circle moves clean your sole. You can also remove it with an acetone. Just don't use oil one and with quick movements clean the dirt out. Don't use strong bleach because you can destroy your sole.

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